• Protecting your content on OnlyFans

Protecting your content on OnlyFans

One of the many exciting things about being an OnlyFans creator, is that you can showcase your content and develop closer relationships with the fans that value and appreciate you the most. Many of our creators speak of how OnlyFans has given them a huge sense of community, and a place where they can grow and thrive – and we are so pleased to hear this wonderful feedback.

In addition to this, we’re extremely committed to keeping our creators’ content and data protected and safe, thanks to the numerous content protection tools on OnlyFans. This includes (but is not limited to) watermarking your content to add ownership over your posts and videos, and making your OnlyFans account private so that you can control what people can (and can’t) view.

Protecting your content on OnlyFans

At OnlyFans, we are on hand to help, support and protect our OnlyFans creators and to help prevent potential copyright issues that might arise. We have a dedicated and diligent DMCA team that is free for all OnlyFans creators to access. The team works tirelessly to identify and flag up copyright issues and request to remove the copyrighted content in advance and as quickly as possible, especially if the posts or videos have been watermarked. The team does this because we want to keep on top of any issues before they arise, and we want to give our creators peace of mind. Plus, we have a DMCA Takedown Policy in place, with various rules and terms to protect our creators from copyright infringement, and a devoted DMCA team that works thoroughly to investigate these issues.

As an OnlyFans creator, you can keep on top of preventing copyright infringement of your content by watermarking your posts and videos ahead of time. However, if you need to file copyright infringement, the best thing to do is to contact the Support team and provide all the details of the infringement, including evidence (e.g. screenshots.) You can also click ‘Report’ near the post affected by copyright infraction and select the option ‘This content contains stolen material (DMCA)’. Once reported, the DMCA team will review your case, take action and will work to resolve the matter.

Content protections on OnlyFans

One of the best aspects of using OnlyFans as a creator is that there are a number of features on the platform to help safeguard your content and protect your account. Let’s explore these features in much more detail to help guide you and keep your content safe.

The most important feature to prioritise is applying a watermark to your content. On OnlyFans, you can add watermarks to your photos and videos. This is a really good and effective way to discourage users from re-posting your content without your permission. To do this, go to ‘Settings’, click ‘Privacy and safety’, then click ‘Watermarks’ and select to enable watermarks on your photos and videos.

Watermarks on OnlyFans

There are other ways to protect your content. One option is to block and restrict users to control who can view your content (and who can’t) and prevent certain users from accessing your content. You can enable or disable your activity status so that you can keep your activity on OnlyFans discreet and hidden from other users. You can opt-out of discoverability so that people can’t easily find your OnlyFans account. If you want to go further than this then you could consider making your OnlyFans account private so that you can control who follows you and post content for your selected audience. In addition to this, you can take extra steps to protect your online identity, such as using a stage name or hiding identifying information so that your content is not connected to your real identity.

You can enable these functions in the ‘Privacy and safety’ section in ‘Settings’ on your account. Making use of the content protection options and restrictive tools available on OnlyFans helps you to control what people view on your account.

For more help and support, please feel free to contact the Support team who are here to help you.

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