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Go Live on OnlyFans: Streaming 101

Streaming’s popularity has grown rapidly in recent years and this is expected to continue: by 2022, live video is predicted to grow 15-fold and reach a 17% share of all internet traffic. If you’re a content creator, you can jump on the bandwagon and Go Live on OnlyFans. Read on for streaming 101: the whats, whys and hows for going live on OnlyFans.

Why go live on OnlyFans?

Not all creators Go Live on OnlyFans and that’s OK! There are plenty of ways to interact and earn money on OnlyFans without ever touching the streaming feature. However, there are some benefits to streaming that are worth considering:

  • Live interaction with your fans: Streaming on OnlyFans allows you to build closer relationships with your fans by interacting with them in real-time.
  • Show fans the real you: 86% of consumers say authenticity is important and streaming can be a great way to show the real you. One strategy is to use your polished, stylised images and videos for your feed and then come onto stream with a more casual look and chat to your fans about your day to day life. Many fans really appreciate this kind of behind the scenes experience. 
  • Optimise your offline life: a great thing about streaming is that it allows you to make use of whatever you have going on irl online. Whether you’re a musician with a gig or an athlete with a competition, you can stream your event so your online fans can enjoy it as well.

How to Go Live on OnlyFans

Streaming on OnlyFans is very simple. The Go Live button can be found just under your post composer on the right. Here’s how to stream on OnlyFans in four easy steps:

Types of Streaming on OnlyFans

On OnlyFans, you can either Go Live by yourself or with another creator. If you’ve never gone live before, co-streaming can be a great way to get started as having another creator to interact with can help with nerves. Plus, collaborations are fun and can increase your following.
To co-stream with another creator, one of you starts streaming and then the other creator requests to join. Here’s how:

How to earn money streaming on OnlyFans

There are two ways you can earn money streaming on OnlyFans:

  • Tips: Tipping is the big earner when streaming on OnlyFans. Fans can tip creators on both single and co-stream.
  • Payment gated streams: This is an option only available to free accounts but it essentially allows you to set an entry fee to join watch your stream. The minimum “ticket price” is $5. This is great for musicians, dancers or actors doing live performances or any creator who wants to stream something special.
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