• genres you can find on OnlyFans

Genres You Can Find on OnlyFans

In today’s world, social media is the go-to way to showcase everything we do. Stars have been born and flourished purely through building online recognition. OnlyFans allows creators to not only promote their talents but build a deeper relationship with fans and monetise their following.

OnlyFans has seen an influx of passionate people providing amazing content and as the platform grows many are asking what kinds of creators you can find on the platform.

With such a large variety of talent, here are some genres you can find on OnlyFans.

Jonathan Phang


“OnlyFans, But like, for cooking- OnlyPans” – Twitter user 

Turns out OnlyFans has some creative twitter followers too! But yes, more creators are using OnlyFans for cooking than you might think. For chefs and foodies, OnlyFans provides creators with another way to cook up a storm, connecting them with others who share their passion for food and recipes.

Celebrity chef Jonathan Phang has hosted his own show on Food Network UK and has now ventured into OnlyFans content creation. Check out his page to see how he shares his humour and his love of cooking and food. 


Kalia Troy


“Wait… people drop music on OnlyFans now?- Call it OnlyJams” – Twitter user

Yes, that’s right. Musicians are using OnlyFans to both promote their music and monetise their content. During the recent global pandemic, we have seen musicians using the platform as a creative tool, keeping fans engaged, live streaming at home gigs and releasing tracks exclusively to their subscribers. The platform allows musicians to get creative with interactive features, allowing them to connect with their fans on a more personal level. Yung Blue, Austin CoriniAkbar V and DJ Kaila Troy are just some of the names you can catch on OnlyFans.

“It’s definitely a way for my fans to see behind the scenes of what goes on. I’ve learned there are so many different, amazing features on OnlyFans. I can give my fans exclusive, first looks at music I may be dropping, pictures or videos of me DJing.” Kalia Troy

Kimberly genres you can find on OnlyFans


“OnlyFans but I just post makeup looks.. Would anyone be interested?” – Twitter user

The last decade has seen the rise of beauty influencers establishing successful careers online. With OnlyFans, creators can showcase their passion for beauty on their own terms. From tutorials to tips, creators can focus their time and energy on those that add value to their fanbase. Beauty, fashion, and fitness influencer Kimberly Caines shares her top tips from makeup to beauty and more. 

“I joined OnlyFans, because I love, love, love the creative freedom that they give you.” Kimberly Caines

Stephanie Tejada OnlyFans


The online world has provided another way for comedians to showcase their abilities to make us laugh. OnlyFans being a platform for users 18+ means comedians have more room to evolve their content. Whether it’s at hilarious snippets or live streams, you are bound to chuckle on OnlyFans.
Comedian Stephanie Tejada is known as The New Queen of Comedy on OnlyFans. You can now check out her new show “A Sociopath and a Psychopath” on the platform!

“I’m really grateful to OnlyFans for allowing me a platform to try new jokes” Stephanie Tejada



“I want to start an OnlyFans to get me the new PS5” – Twitter user

Gamers of OnlyFans can use the platform as a bolt-on for their current social media, or a straight-forward way to make money for that new console! Whether it is their off-stream life, exclusive behind the scenes clips or extra vlogs, OnlyFans provides a smooth interaction with their fan base. With the personal experience gamers receive on OnlyFans, they can eliminate ‘trolls’ and reach out to those who have a genuine interest in their content. Shanna Zwart joined OnlyFans to connect with her community and gain greater financial independence for her streaming.

“It takes a lot of pressure off my streaming income too, so I’m having more fun again on Twitch as well.” Shanna Zwart

Daniel Stevens fitness genres you can find on OnlyFans

Fitness and Sports

The popularity of fitness influencers demonstrates how engagement online has revolutionised the industry.  With the disruption due to coronavirus and the increase in home workouts, fitness experts have used the platform to help them retain and build their client base. Whether they are taking you on their fitness journey, providing tips or one-to-one training sessions, OnlyFans can showcase a fitness influencer’s personality and provide them with a platform to share their knowledge with others who want to hear it.
Personal trainer Daniel Stevens provides his fans with ‘fitspiration’ from workouts to meal plans.

“OnlyFans, to be fully transparent, has completely changed my life. It’s given me an income level I would not have tapped into otherwise.” Daniel Stevens

And it’s not just traditional fitness influencers ascending upon the platform, OnlyFans has gone to the extreme. With a range of sporting stars from BMX and Drift Racer Mark Webb, and freeboard and snowboard rider Pierre Linckenheld, you can catch some breathtaking tricks and stunts from talented creators on OnlyFans.

Kadi OnlyFans

Teaching and Wellness

OnlyFans can even be used as a space to open your mind. With multilingual creators such as Kristina & Kadi teaching us languages, OnlyFans provides a space where knowledgable people can add value to their fanbase. Users can also join in meditating with Melody Marks, helping them on their journeys to inner peace. 

DeStorm Power OnlyFans


For actors and actresses, presence online is a great point of reference for casting. OnlyFans allows performers to deepen their connection with fans, humanising themselves so they are relatable. If the number one goal Is engagement, then OnlyFans is the platform for them.

Many of our actors and actresses are multi-talented and cannot necessarily be categorised. Offering content from a range of aspects of their lives, You can catch actress Ruby Mercado showcasing her wellness expertise and spiritual healing or Actor Julian Shaw providing insights from acting to fitness.

Destorm Powers, actor, comedian and musician and recently joined the site to showcase sneak peaks into his world including his fitness regimes. Don’t just take our word for it, head over to OnlyFans and check them out.

Beth Freeman

There are so many more genres you can find on OnlyFans!

It doesn’t end there. There are many more genres you can find on OnlyFans.

YouTubers can create revenue without advertisements, showing off their impressive video skills and creating a consistent income. You can catch podcasters, such as Tuesdays with stories, using the platform to deliver exclusive content, uncensored conversations and extra episodes for fans. You can even see artists such as Beth Freeman sharing everything from DIY tips to crafting and gardening insights.

You will find models, dancers, cosplayers and even magicians!

OnlyFans really is a platform for anyone, So call it ‘OnlyPans’ or ‘OnlyJams’ or anything you like because the creative freedom is endless. Sign up to OnlyFans and see if it works for you

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