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By Alex

September 9, 2022

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When we say OnlyFans is a platform where creators of all types can earn, we really mean it. It’s no wonder that creators from all backgrounds (including some very surprising ones) have flocked to OnlyFans to not only monetize their content, but to build deeper relationships with fans. Here are just some genres you can find on OnlyFans!


“OnlyFans, but for cooking. Call it… OnlyPans” -Twitter user

Turns out OnlyFans has some creative Twitter followers too! But yes, more creators are using OnlyFans for cooking than you might think.

For chefs and foodies, OnlyFans provides another way to cook up a storm and connect them with others who share their passion for food and recipes. Anything from written recipes, to how-to videos, to live streams are all within the chef’s domain on OnlyFans!


During the pandemic, we’ve welcomed a number of new musicians who have turned to OnlyFans to release new music, engage with their fans, and even live streaming concerts!

“It’s definitely a way for my fans to see behind the scenes of what goes on. I’ve learned there are so many different, amazing features on OnlyFans. I can give my fans exclusive, first looks at music I may be dropping, pictures or videos of me DJing.” DJ Kalia Troy


Beauty content is everywhere on social media. In the past, creators in this space have had to give away all their knowledge for free in hopes of securing a brand deal. We don’t think that’s a fair deal for beauty creators.

With OnlyFans, creators can showcase their passion for beauty on their own terms. From tutorials to tips, creators can focus their time and energy on those that add value to their fanbase. Beauty, fashion, and fitness creator Kimberly Caines shares her top tips from makeup to beauty and more.

“I joined OnlyFans, because I love, love, love the creative freedom that they give me!”
-Kimberly Caines


OnlyFans takes freedom of expression very seriously. Earlier this year, comedian Jiaoying Summers was kicked off another platform for posting a joke. Months later, she was hosting OFTV’s first stand-up comedy special, LMAOF.

Whether you’re looking for sketch comedy videos, or a live-streamed comedy show, you’ll find something to make you laugh on OnlyFans!

“If you have the power to be funny, you are a star. The good thing about OnlyFans and OFTV is you can actually get paid!”
Jiaoying Summers


OnlyFans provides a smooth and fun way for gamers and streams to interact with their fans. Whether you’re a new streamer looking for somewhere to start, or are looking for a home for your existing online community, OnlyFans has a lot to offer gamers.

Online safety is at the center of the OnlyFans platform, so all creators have the tools to manage their communities– eliminating ‘trolls’ and celebrating those who have a genuine interest in their content.

“I joined OnlyFans because it’s a platform where I found a lot of tools that allow me to connect with my followers on an intimate and personal level.”
Gamer/streamer Gaby Terán

Fitness and Sports

The rising popularity of fitness creators on platforms like OnlyFans demonstrates how much social media has revolutionized the fitness industry. Fitness experts from all over the globe use OnlyFans to share training routines, coach individual clients, and to let fans know them more personally.

We all want a trainer we ‘click’ with– and with OnlyFans, that trainer can live anywhere in the world.

“I would like to thank OnlyFans for the opportunity to work with clients anywhere. It’s a platform that I recommend to everyone, not just for fitness people. It’s helped me reach so many people!”
Personal trainer Lucas Peracchi


Physical fitness is only part of the total wellness equation. So, like their fitness counterparts, wellness creators of all types use OnlyFans to live stream yoga flows, craft personalized mantras through PPV messages, and release daily meditations. And their communities can’t get enough!

“What you can expect to see from me are yoga flows, meditations, ways to ground yourself, mindfulness activities. I’ve brought my exclusive hips course to the OnlyFans platform!”
Yoga & mindfulness coach YogiTB

Modeling & Glamor

Since the beginning of OnlyFans, models have flocked to the platform to take charge of their own image, monetize their content on their terms, and engage with their fans.

With OnlyFans, models and glamor creators no longer have to wait for magazines and other publications to get paid.

“It turns out, OnlyFans is super cool… I have explored so much in terms of styling, production, editing, that I am confident I could outperform a handful of major magazines in terms of quality and photoshoot execution.”
Model/actor Lindsey Pelas

Find out how Lindsey Pelas creates her incredible OnlyFans content.


Lately we’ve been seeing more writers and novelists come to the OnlyFans platform, and we couldn’t be more thrilled! So much of social media is focused on visual media– like photos, videos, and streams– but it turns out that the written word is right at home here as well.

Writers can release short stories, or create video essays, or simply keep in touch with their most loyal readers.

“I have over 50 romance books written, and I love sharing snippets as well as what inspires me on OnlyFans!”
Author Willow Winters

And Everything In Between

We’ve barely scratched the surface of the types of creators and creativity you can find on OnlyFans. A great way to start finding your new favorite creators is by checking out the latest Free OnlyFans Accounts to Follow!