House of Sims Recap: Season Two

By OFTV Editor

April 2, 2024

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House of Sims is back for a second season on OFTV! Last year, we watched Chloe, Charlie, Georgia, Demi, and Frankie arrive in the U.S. to chase their Hollywood dreams together. But now, the once tight-knit Sims family is fractured to the core. On one side is Chloe, Charlie, and Georgia. On the other, Demi and Frankie. Can the Sims end their high-profile family feud during Demi and Frankie’s trip to L.A.? Or do their differences run too deep? Stay tuned as we recap House of Sims Season Two.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

E1: A House Divided

Aired: March 13, 2024 | Watch on OFTV

After season one, the four siblings and Georgia found a rental house in L.A. to share. To build their credit and establish residency in the U.S., the family discussed putting a different utility bill in each of their names.

Expecting the WiFi bill to be in her name, Frankie was caught off guard when Charlie put it in Georgia’s instead. Following an explosive fight between the siblings, Chloe sided with Charlie and Georgia, and Demi sided Frankie.

Now living in Essex, Demi and Frankie haven’t had contact with their siblings in a year. With the cameras rolling again, the pair returns to L.A. to face Chloe and Charlie.

Meanwhile, Chloe, Charlie, and Georgia are closer than ever. Charlie and Georgia now live in their very own apartment.

Chloe also has an apartment, which she shares with her daughter, Madison, who is visiting from England.

Charlie pays Chloe a visit for a disappointing cup of tea, and worries that Chloe already forgot her British roots. Clearly, U.S.-based Sims are more than used to life in America.

Meanwhile, Demi and Frankie touch down at LAX to kick off their vacation stateside. They now work together as a duo, and continue building momentum landing brand deals.

At lunch, Georgia breaks the news to Chloe and Charlie that their sisters are back in town. Georgia, for one, is very eager for the siblings to set aside their differences.

Back on the other side of town, Demi and Frankie join Kayla Lauren and CJ Sparxx as guests on the Inside OnlyFans podcast. The sisters open up about their family drama, and why they are avoiding Chloe and Charlie.

But as CJ points out, Demi and Frankie will need to get used to confrontation in Hollywood. So, Demi calls Charlie to see if he and Chloe are up for a family chat.

Although she’s annoyed at Charlie for continuing to put off the wedding plans, Georgia encourages him and Chloe to go.

Before the dreaded family reunion, Chloe visits her tarot reader, Sal Biadora, who tells her to focus on her intentions.

At last, Chloe and Charlie arrive at a rooftop bar to meet Demi and Frankie. Things escalate quickly.

Chloe accuses Frankie of lying about the Wi-Fi bill situation. Demi and Charlie try to keep everyone civil, but when Frankie calls Chloe a “compulsive liar”, Chloe sweeps drinks off the table and accidentally douses Demi.

Eventually, security steps in to break up the brawl.

E2: The Aftermath

Aired: March 20, 2024 | Watch on OFTV

After the explosive rooftop fight, Charlie and Chloe return home and tell Georgia about the disastrous reunion.

Tearfully, Chloe promises she never meant to throw the drink at Demi. She only swiped at the table out of frustration.

But after a good night’s sleep, Charlie takes Georgia on a tour of his new business venture, a boxing gym. After months of negotiation, Charlie is ready to get to work renovating.

Yet again, Georgia is dismayed by how Charlie finds time for every project, except their wedding. Plus, Charlie now has less time to focus on managing Chloe’s career.

Meanwhile, Demi and Frankie have some steam to blow off after last night. Frustrated that the rooftop meeting escalated before getting the chance to share their side of the story, they go to Break Room L.A. to “smash some shit.”

Across town, Chloe faces her fear of the ocean (and sharks) over a surf lesson with Georgia. Charlie meets them at the beach to discuss the rooftop incident.

Chloe is even more furious now since Frankie blasted her as a “lowlife” on social media after the confrontation.

On the car ride home, Charlie catches Chloe up on his plans for the boxing gym, and lets her know that she’ll be needing a new talent manager. Chloe understands.

Demi isn’t finished blowing off steam, so she heads to a boxing gym. It turns out that boxing is in the Sims’ genetics. Their father is a boxing coach, and Demi’s trainer in Essex.

Over at Chloe’s, her friend Vas J. Morgan stops by so Chloe can catch him up on everything that’s happening in her career. Although, Chloe is worried that she won’t reach the same level of success in L.A. as she had in Essex.

Chloe also catches Vas up on the family drama, admitting she has no desire to mend things with Demi and Frankie.

Vas wonders if Chloe’s instinct to completely detach from her sisters stems from something deep in her past.

During their appearance on Lexi Goldberg’s cooking show, Demi and Frankie receive a staggering number of messages from concerned family members in the U.K.

While discussing American “states” at dinner, Chloe and Charlie also receive a barrage of calls from their father. He is very worried about the family drama and demands answers.

So, Chloe reaches out to Demi and Frankie to set up a video call to try and work things out… for their father’s sake.

The ball is now in Demi and Frankie’s court.

E3: Agree to Disagree

Aired: March 27, 2024 | Watch on OFTV

Chloe meets with celebrity matchmaker Alessandra Conti to discuss her romantic prospects in L.A. Chloe is looking for a man who is willing to fight for her and for their relationship.

Over at Demi and Frankie’s apartment, the duo try jumping on the TikTok dance trend bandwagon. But after some practice, they’re not so sure TikTok will be their path to fame.

However, they are sure that accepting Chloe’s video call invitation is a step in the right direction for the family.

Meanwhile, Chloe goes to meet her first match, Stephen. At first glance, Chloe is very pleased with Stephen’s height.

But when the conversation turns to getting shanked, dying cats, and grocery stores, Chloe has second thoughts.

Demi and Charlie meet for coffee, hoping that if the two of them can sort out their differences, the others will follow.

The meeting is filled with disagreements and strong emotions, but they are able to end the drama between them.

Chloe heads to Charlie and Georgia’s to tell them all about her date with Stephen. Pros: tall. Cons: everything else about him. Georgia’s just happy Chloe is putting herself out there.

Charlie tells Chloe about his meeting with Demi, and Chloe still has some concerns. Georgia decides to stay out of it.

To everyone’s surprise, Chloe invites Georgia and Charlie to join her and Stephen for a game of pickleball. Charlie is excited to play, but isn’t sure why Chloe brought Stephen.

After meeting him, Charlie and Georgia both think Stephen seems like a nice guy. He’s just clearly not Chloe’s type.

But even though they’re not a romantic match, Chloe and Stephen are able to beat Georgia and Charlie at pickleball.

After the game, Chloe lets Stephen down gently. Hopefully they can stay pickleball friends.

Tensions are high heading into the video call, but Frankie just wants everyone to be civil so they can clear the air.

Chloe apologizes for throwing the drink on the rooftop, and Demi and Frankie accept her apology.

Demi suggests that everyone agree to disagree on the Wi-Fi bill situation. However, Chloe and Charlie think Demi and Frankie aren’t owning up to their roles in the family’s issues.

Afterwards, Frankie thinks the call represented a step in the right direction. Chloe worries that all their unresolved issues will continue to plague the Sims siblings.

And Charlie is still not sure where they all go from here.

E4: For a Good Cause

Aired: April 3, 2024 | Watch on OFTV

Chloe and Georgia visit their friend Leona’s showroom on Melrose to chat. Leona is proud of Chloe and Georgia for managing to make the difficult move to L.A. look easy.

Demi and Frankie head to Kitson to find prizes for the drag bingo charity event they are hosting at Hamburger Mary’s to help support a local animal shelter.

After pulling off last year’s Racing Against Humans launch, the pair are eager to put their planning skills to use again.

Possibly inspired by Chloe’s matchmaker, Demi suggests auctioning off a date with herself to the highest bidder—in the name of charity. Frankie is thrilled with the idea.

Charlie and Georgia take a hike to discuss their wedding, which will happen in either L.A. or Las Vegas.

Charlie can tell something is off with Georgia, and asks if she’s actually excited to marry him. Then, when Charlie brings up the idea of a prenup, Georgia scoffs and points out that he’s the one who should be excited to marry her.

Back at Demi and Frankie’s apartment, Frankie is missing her new U.K.-based boyfriend, Luke. The relationship is going well, but now the distance is catching up with them.

Speaking of relationships, Demi and Frankie decide to invite Chloe, Charlie, and Georgia to their charity event in hopes of healing their family’s rift. Demi is worn down by the fighting.

Georgia is back in the makeup artist’s saddle glamming up Chloe for Demi and Frankie’s event. Both Chloe and Charlie are reluctant, but agree that they should attend.

Chloe gets a call from a prospective new talent manager, Jackie, congratulating Chloe on becoming an official client. This is a thrilling development for Chloe’s career.

Meanwhile, Demi and Frankie arrive at Hamburger Mary’s to set up their drag bingo event. They’re excited, and hopeful that the other Sims will show up.

But when Chloe, Charlie, and Georgia do turn up, Chloe is annoyed when Demi and Frankie don’t greet them.

After games of bingo, Lexi Goldberg steps up to auction off the date with Demi. The bidding war gets intense (good for Demi!), and a woman named Caelan makes the winning bid.

Meanwhile, Chloe, Charlie, and Georgia leave immediately after the auction without saying goodbye.

At dinner the next evening, Chloe reveals that she secured a makeup artist gig for Georgia at the upcoming L.A. Fashion Week. Charlie and Georgia have some news of their own: they officially decided to get married in Las Vegas.

With Chloe put in charge of planning Georgia’s hen (bachelorette) party, the trio toasts to their exciting future.

E5: For Better or For Worse

AiredApril 10, 2024 | Watch on OFTV

The season finale kicks off with Chloe hitting the road, literally. Chloe, who hasn’t driven at all since moving to L.A., is finally taking an American driving lesson.

Meanwhile, Demi goes on her date with Caelan, the auction winner. Demi opens up about her struggles with her sexuality. But as she spends time in L.A., she is becoming more comfortable in her own skin.

As Demi’s time in L.A. comes to an end, Caelan wants to show her as many of the city’s queer spaces as possible.

With L.A. Fashion Week in full swing, Chloe and Charlie drop by to watch Georgia in her element. They’re very proud of Georgia for jumping into such a major fashion event.

Chloe runs into her matchmaker, Alessandra, and breaks it to her that things didn’t work out with Stephen. But Chloe’s not stressed about it. She’s happy with where she is for now.

Over in Malibu, Frankie reunites with her boyfriend, Luke. Frankie feels lucky to finally be in a secure relationship, especially while her family relationships are so insecure.

As Frankie and Luke enjoy a romantic sunset dinner, Demi crashes their date. Frankie and Luke don’t mind, and order prosecco to toast the end of their L.A. vacation.

At Charlie and Georgia’s request, Chloe planned a stunning hen party for Georgia at a California vineyard. Chloe’s daughter, Madison is there, along with Chloe’s friends Vas J. Morgan and Liam ‘Gatsby’ Blackwell.

Georgia becomes emotional watching video greetings from family members who live too far away to attend. And after Charlie surprises her with flowers, she’s moved to tears.

So when Demi and Frankie finally arrive, Georgia can’t help but run over and give them a hug. Demi and Frankie return the warm greeting to Georgia, and everyone else…

Except Chloe. It’s awkward.

As the party winds down, Demi and Frankie say goodbye to everyone but Chloe, who is hurt, but not surprised.

Privately, Frankie reflects on how proud she is for making this trip. Demi hopes to visit L.A. again sooner rather than later.

Later in the week, Charlie celebrates the media launch day for Matchroom Boxing, his new venture with Peter Berg. Landing this new gym was not easy, but Charlie knows there are so many amazing things on the horizon.

Especially his wedding with Georgia.

In season two’s final moments, Chloe is on set at a photoshoot. She feels sexy, single, and proud of her new life.

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