Free OnlyFans Accounts to Follow in April 2024

By Andy

April 1, 2024

3 Minute Read

What better way to welcome the spring season than by checking out some fresh OnlyFans creators? This month, we’re highlighting four very talented creators who share four very different types of content with fans for free. From R&B music, to sexual health advice, to killer stand-up comedy, to relaxing day-in-the-life posts, these creators deliver. Don’t miss the free OnlyFans accounts to follow in April 2024!

NEVRMIND @nevrmind

With over 361,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, R&B artist NEVRMIND is winning over new fans by the day. You’ll understand why once you hear him sing.

NEVRMIND has been making music nearly all his life. In fact, music is a family tradition for him. His uncle is a well-known artist who started a band with NEVRMIND’s father, aunts, and the legendary Wyclef Jean in Haiti.

After starting his own musical career as a ghostwriter, NEVRMIND decided to step into the spotlight as a solo artist.

Since then he’s launched his own company, Muziqnation Music Group, to help aspiring artists jumpstart their careers.

NEVRMIND’s OnlyFans profile is the perfect way to discover his music, get to know his personality, and find out what he’s up to from day to day.

Dr. Lauren Bull @drlaurenbull

As a medical doctor and consultant, Dr. Lauren Bull, MBBS, MSc has the credentials to dispel common myths around sexual health. As a Pro UK Champion Bikini Model, Dr. Bull also has the sheer strength to take on anything.

On OnlyFans, Dr. Bull combines her passions for bodybuilding competitions, holistic wellness, and squashing misinformation about sexual health. No matter which talent she’s using, you can trust Dr. Bull has done her research.

Dr. Bull welcomes questions from fans and provides judgment-free answers through video posts. So whether you’re interested in wellness or weight-lifting, or both, subscribe to Dr. Bull’s profile.

Medical Disclaimer:

The content shared here is for informational purposes only. While Dr. Lauren Bull provides educational content, it should not be considered medical advice. Individual health concerns should be addressed with a qualified healthcare professional. Consult your physician or other qualified provider regarding any medical condition.

If you’ve been watching our LMAOF stand-up specials on OFTV, you’re probably familiar with Jamie Pappas. She’s a rising star in the New York comedy scene, and a very entertaining creator on OnlyFans.

On her OnlyFans profile, Jamie shares candid moments from her daily life, travel vlogs, and behind-the-scenes footage from her performances.

If you’re looking for more of Jamie’s stand-up comedy, you’ll also want to check out her OFTV channel. There you’ll find anything from her full-length comedy sets, previews of her new stand-up material, and her series, Blocking the Sidewalk, where Jamie interviews fellow comedians about their wild experiences on stage.

And if you haven’t yet, make sure to watch her stand-up set from LMAOF 38 on OFTV!

Aly Honey @honney_aly

Lifestyle creator Aly Honey takes a refreshingly simple approach to her OnlyFans content. Authentic and straightforward, her profile gives fans an intimate look into her daily life.

There’s no elaborate lights, costumes, or set pieces—just warm messages, life updates, and plenty of good energy.

Aly’s posts are a blend of positivity and honesty, with captions that read a lot like poems. Whether she’s sharing a new favorite dish, or simply taking a relaxing car ride, Aly makes you feel like you’re right there with her.

With a profile that feels like a diary and a photo album combined, Aly’s cozy aesthetics and warm, genuine messages create a welcoming atmosphere for her fans.

Subscribe to join her journey, and soak up the positive vibes!

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