• Using messages on OnlyFans

Using Messages on OnlyFans

If you’re not using messages on OnlyFans, you could be missing out on valuable opportunities. Direct messages (DMs) not only allow you to strengthen your relationship with your subscribers, but there are also many creative ways you can use them to earn more on OnlyFans. Here are some ways of utilising DMs to your advantage. Thought of one we missed? Let us know in the comments!

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Send a variety of media

You can send text-only DMs on OnlyFans, or include a variety of media. You can attach pictures and videos to messages, or record a voice note.

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Automated welcome message

Some creators choose to send an automated message to new fans when they subscribe. This can be a nice way to introduce fans to your page and make them feel welcomed, all with very little effort from you.

To set up an automated message for new fans, go to Settings > Chats. You can make your message text only or add media.

Mass messaging

There are many reasons you might want to send a message to all of your fans. Perhaps you have a really cool live-stream planned and you want to let your fans know. Perhaps you want to send some premium content in a pay-per-view message that you want as many fans to open as possible.

Whatever your intention, it’s easy to send mass messages on OnlyFans. From your home page, click the message icon, and then the plus icon. You’ll have the option to send a message to all of your followers, or to those on a particular list.

Receive tips

One big incentive to make use of messages on OnlyFans is that you can receive tips in DMs. The more you interact with your fans on a personal level through messaging, the more likely they are to show their appreciation through tips.

Another way some creators use tipping in DMs is a way to exchange content and receive payment from individual fans for content or interaction. We’ve seen this used really creatively – some coaches or tutors use DMs to give personalised advice, and then receive payments in tips. If you want to encourage this kind of interaction, you could put a tip menu as your pinned post on your page, offering different types of content or services for a certain tip amount.

If you have a free account, you have the option to not accept messages without a tip from followers who you don’t follow back. Free accounts can have high follower counts, which often means a full inbox. If you feel you are putting a lot of time into answering DMs and not getting enough in return, you could try turning this feature on by going to Settings > Chats. You may be surprised at how many fans will pay just to interact with you.

Send pay-per-view messages

A pay-per-view message is a message with content your fans pay to unlock. They can be big earners on OnlyFans! Whilst PPV posts are only available to free OnlyFans accounts, all creators can use PPV messages.

Read this blog post to learn how to use PPVs like a pro, or watch the video to learn more:

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