Why OnlyFans Messages Are Powerful

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By Alex

September 2, 2022

4 Minute Read

Every social media platform has messaging. But using messages on OnlyFans is one of the most powerful tools that creators have to connect with their fans and earn money. Direct messages (DMs) are essential to building a relationship with your subscribers and retaining your fans. Strap in, because there are countless creative ways you can use messages on OnlyFans to earn more.

Send A Variety of Media

Obviously, you can always send text-only DMs to your fans. But variety is the spice of life, isn’t it?

On OnlyFans, you can attach pictures and videos to messages, or even record a voice note. Switching up the types of media you send over DM is a great way to keep your fans engaged and excited!

Send An Automated Welcome Message

Making subscribers feel welcome and celebrated in your community is a huge factor when it comes to retaining fans. But it doesn’t have to be very time-consuming.

Automated welcome messages are a nice way to say hello, introduce yourself, and explain what they can expect on your OnlyFans. To set one up for yourself, go to Settings > Chats. You can make your message text-only or add media (such as photos or videos).

Send Mass Messages

There are many reasons you might want to send a mass message to all of your subscribers. Maybe you want to let them know about a really cool live stream you have planned. Maybe you want to tell them about some exciting new content that’s in the works.

Maybe you want to offer as many fans as possible the opportunity to unlock some of your most exclusive content in a message hidden behind a paywall.

To reach all your fans at once, just head to your homepage and click the message icon, then the plus icon. You can also use these steps to reach only the fans you’ve sorted into a specific list.

Send Paid Messages

PPV messages, or ‘paid messages’, are messages containing content that your fans pay to view. This feature is one of the most popular ways to make money on OnlyFans and is available for both free and paid accounts.

PPV messages are not only a great way to make money, but to foster a greater connection between you and your fans. That’s because they require you as a creator to engage directly with your fans and personally invite them to unlock your most special content.

Receive Tips

A huge advantage of the messaging system on OnlyFans is that you can receive tips from your followers in your DMs. The more you interact with your fans on a personal level through messaging, the more likely they are to show their appreciation by tipping you.

Tip menus are one of the most creative ways we’ve seen creators utilize tipping in DMs. That’s when a creator offers a menu of custom content or engagement they’ll provide in exchange for a specific tip amount. If you want to try this type of engagement for yourself, we suggest placing a tip menu as your pinned post on your page so that fans can easily refer to it.

Free accounts tend to have high follower counts, which often means receiving a lot of messages. With a free page, you have the option to set up your account so that viewers must first tip in order to message you. This way, you’ll only hear from fans who truly value you and your content.

You can enable this by going to Settings > Chats. You may be surprised at how many fans will pay just to interact with you.

How do you use messages on OnlyFans? Any tips for newbie creators?