• Podcasters on OnlyFans

Podcasters on OnlyFans

Today is International Podcast Day, and to celebrate, we’re exploring the significance of podcasts, as well as featuring some of our podcasters on OnlyFans!

Ever since the early 2000s, podcasting has been an important part of the digital content landscape and it has evolved over the last few years. Also, whatever your interest, there is probably a podcast out there for you. Here are some examples of podcast genres, niches and interests:

  • Horror fiction
  • Dental hacks
  • True crime
  • Beauty
  • Comedy
  • Pop culture
  • Fashion and style
  • Self-help
  • Business
  • Languages
  • News commentary
  • Music.

Most podcasts are available to listen to for free, with creators earning in various other ways, such as tipping and sponsorships. In fact, there’s plenty of money to be made in podcasting. In May 2020, one of the most popular podcasters in the world, Joe Rogan, took his talents to Spotify and signed an exclusivity deal for $100 million. This might be the top end of the spectrum, but content creators of all levels can tap into the world of opportunity that is podcasting, and there are many ways for them to monetise their work. OnlyFans is one of them!

How podcasters can use OnlyFans

Though podcasters can make money through deals, advertising, sponsorship and events, there is also a lot of opportunity for them in crowdfunding, subscriptions, and the sale of premium content. OnlyFans is not only a great place to make money in these ways, but it’s also a great place for podcasters to build a tight-knit community around their podcast and increase loyalty amongst their superfans. Most successful podcasters see the value of using multiple streaming, social media and crowdfunding platforms to grow their influence across multiple channels, and OnlyFans can be a great bolt-on to take a podcast to the next level.

Podcasters on OnlyFans

Here are some podcasters on OnlyFans, using the platform to monetise their influence and interact with their fans.

Kaitlen OnlyFans

Kaitlen Villa

Kaitlen Villa is a podcaster, digital creator, model, and entrepreneur located in Miami, Florida. She’s very passionate about inspiring others to live authentic lives. Kaitlen co-hosts the well-known ‘WOOF (‘We’re Our OnlyFans’) Podcast’ alongside Daddy Deelz, where they discuss their experiences of using the platform. She’s also set to launch another podcast, ‘The Bossed Up Bible’, alongside fellow creator Tori Green, for women who want to level up and elevate in all areas of their lives.

Thanks to podcasting on OnlyFans, Kaitlen has been able to collaborate with fellow creators, influencers, and creatives. She enjoys sharing all aspects of herself with her audience through her various creative endeavours and has been able to be her true self, build a close-knit community and find the confidence to pursue her passions unapologetically – all thanks to the platform.

Speaking about podcasting on OnlyFans, Kaitlen Villa said:

“It’s crazy, because about a year ago I started my journey as a newbie to OnlyFans and also as a podcaster. I didn’t know much besides the fact that I wanted to entertain, inspire, and empower the people around me by taking the path less traveled. In November 2020, we created ‘WOOF’ with the intention of shedding light on the OnlyFans space. We not only wanted to inform people on the reality of what it is like to be an OnlyFans creator, but also encourage conversation within a safe space which didn’t really exist before ‘WOOF’.

‘WOOF’ was discovered by OnlyFans after our first episode and since then my life changed forever. OnlyFans gave me the ability and confidence to share my authentic voice but also my authentic voice was able to be heard by the audience it was intended to reach. I’m grateful for OnlyFans for believing in our vision and giving us the platform to express ourselves and reach so many people that would actually be impacted by our mission.

I believe podcasting and OnlyFans go hand in hand because it gave us the opportunity to not only produce content for our audience, but also the opportunity to build a loyal and accepting community that we can actually interact with. As a podcaster, it’s important to understand your audience, and with OnlyFans I am able to talk directly to the people who have supported me and connect with them on a deeper level – thus forming a deeper connection and creating that much more impact.

That being said, I am excited to announce my new podcast which will be coming to OFTV called ‘The Bossed Up Bible’ featuring my best friend and business partner who I actually met through OnlyFans, Tori Green. ‘The Bossed Up Bible’ will highlight the other side of my personality— the more entrepreneurial and spiritual side of me that was not always highlighted in ‘WOOF.’

Our mission is to help female creators and entrepreneurs navigate and succeed in a male-dominated society, while encouraging the belief that women can be multi-faceted and should not lessen themselves or their dreams to fit the social construct of what a woman is or is not supposed to be. I believe OnlyFans is the perfect place to spread this message, because I am constantly connecting with creators who feel lost in the space with no direction.

As a podcaster I feel that value should be provided on a mass level and if you can empower one person you can empower many and I cannot thank OnlyFans enough for giving me the platform to do just that. Thank you OnlyFans! I owe a large part of my success as a podcaster, creator, and entrepreneur to you guys!”

Victoria Myers Podcasters on OnlyFans

Victoria Myers

Victoria Myers is a podcaster and model who’s passionate about fitness and art. She’s enthusiastic about connecting with her fans by using her voice and telling her story. Her self-help podcast, titled ‘Keeping It Real with Victoria Lynn Myers’ is where she shares her life story, talks about the lessons she’s learned, keeps her followers updated on upcoming projects and discusses her deepest thoughts.

Speaking about using OnlyFans as a content creator and podcaster, Victoria Myers said:

“From cult to OnlyFans – what a crazy journey it’s been. I love sharing my story on such an accepting and welcoming platform. OnlyFans has truly changed my life.”

Wellness Wednesdays

For some top tips to help you boost your wellbeing, check out ‘Wellness Wednesdays‘, a podcast by Taz (aka Yoga with Taz). Taz is a yoga instructor who believes in the importance of health, wellness and mindfulness. On her podcast, she chats with a variety of guests (all OnlyFans creators) and she shares handy hints to help guide you on your self-help, self-love and personal development journey.

What’s next for your podcast?

Are you a podcaster looking to take your content to the next level? Sign up to OnlyFans and see what the monetisation and interaction tools can do for you.

Who’s your favourite podcaster on OnlyFans? Let us know in the comments!

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