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How To Be A Podcaster on OnlyFans

In the last ten years, podcasting has become an essential part of the digital content landscape. As you’ve probably figured out, there’s plenty of money to be made in podcasting! And while there’s tons of platforms out there that will gladly host your podcast idea, we think you should know how to be a podcaster on OnlyFans!

The “Old Way” To Monetize A Podcast

Historically, podcasters have made money through a combination of brand deals, mid-roll advertising, sponsorships, and live events. 

What do all of those have in common? They make the podcaster give away their content for free and then wait for a company to take notice.

Newer, more creator-focused, ways to monetize include crowdfunding, direct subscriptions, and a two-tier model for free and paid podcast releases.

Platforms like OnlyFans give podcasters the tools to control their financial destiny more directly. Not only through the distribution of the podcast itself, but with a hub for their communities to stay engaged and coming back for more! 

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Monetizing a Podcast The “OnlyFans Way”

First things first– OnlyFans is the perfect platform for creators of all kinds to earn money through their creativity. Naturally, we think it’s the place to build a tight-knit community around your podcast. 

Many successful podcasters on OnlyFans choose to use a combination of tools and features to monetize all their hard work.

Whether it be releasing a weekly podcast on a free account to build interest, and then offering a second premium version on a paid account. Or offering special releases as audio files attached to PPV messages

You could even offer paid “tickets” to a live stream of your record, charging as little as $5 for viewers to tune in. If you’re stuck on which topic your podcast should take on next, you can run polls– or even create a tip menu to allow fans to decide for you!

Truly, the options are endless! Plus, an OnlyFans account can be the perfect social media add-on for your existing podcast, even if you release it on another platform!

Try It!

Are you a podcaster looking to take your content to the next level? Bring your podcast to OnlyFans and discover all the tools you’ll have to monetize your work and build your fanbase!

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