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Knowing OnlyFans


It’s fair to say that if you Google OnlyFans, or search for ways to accelerate your earning potential as a social media influencer, you will encounter OnlyFans. You may already know of us of course? However you discover OnlyFans, it’s not surprising we have a high profile.

As the world’s fastest-growing influencer platform OnlyFans has transformed, even revolutionised, the social media dynamic. In a little over two years over 30,000 social media influencers have created OnlyFans accounts attracting 4 million users worldwide. And in an influencer market where content creators are having incomes suppressed by YouTube, and monetising content on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social media platforms is virtually non-existent, we have paid out in excess of $60 million to our account holders.


Your perception of OnlyFans is key if you’re looking to build your social media career. It’s no secret that OnlyFans has been the subject of media articles focussed on content creators from the glamour and adult entertainment industry. However, the reality is that OnlyFans hosts a wide array of influencers from many different industries across the world. OnlyFans provides adult content creators with an innovative, secure and extremely lucrative outlet to publish and monetise their content whilst putting them in control of what they post and who experiences it. With firewall protections and age restrictions, OnlyFans safeguards both the content creator and their subscribers.

The same is true for any social media influencer on OnlyFans. Personal trainers and influencers spanning fashion, modelling, photography, music, makeup and hair and beauty are among OnlyFans creators who are all delivering an enhanced social experience for fans, and maximising their earning potential in the process.


Our model is simple. As a content creator with a genuine fanbase, you have power to influence. You’ve attracted fans because they enjoy and engage with your content and they get value from it. OnlyFans provides an effective means of monetising your content and influence. You simply create an account with us, invite your fans to subscribe and on average 1%-5% of your fans will be prepared to pay for your content. Putting you in complete control, you set your subscription fee and the commissions you receive will be determined by the number of subscribers you attract and retain.

As an example, if you have 10,000 Instagram fans and 3% pay for a subscription to your OnlyFans channel, you’ll generate $3,000 (£2,335) per month if you decide to charge subscription at $9.99 (£7.75). Our clear commission model means you keep 80% of all subscription revenue, so your personal income would be $2,400 (£1,862).

To make OnlyFans work for you, it’s important to think about how you can elevate your content and deliver a premium experience for subscribers. Simply moving what you already put out on mainstream social media platforms won’t necessarily satisfy paying fans. OnlyFans creators are delivering enhanced content including extended tutorials for training and workouts, exclusive images and video not shared on free social media, and even personalised content based on fan requests.

Having a content plan for OnlyFans ensures you add value to fans in return for their investment in a subscription, so everyone is happy. As you continue to deliver content on your free-to-view social media platforms, your OnlyFans subscribers get exclusive content and you generate a substantial income too. It’s a win-win.


Globally, OnlyFans has established itself as a go-to platform for a broad range of social media influencers who want to build their social media careers and monetise their influence by delivering a richer content mix for fans willing to pay a modest subscription. It also enables influencers to customise brand campaigns to subscribers.

The aim of OnlyFans is to deliver an inclusive brand experience that is open to all influencers and social media entrepreneurs from all walks of life, to ultimately deliver an unrivalled social experience for fans.

Unlock The Power Of Your Influence

Now’s the time to recognise you have influence and look at how to make it pay, so check out OnlyFans and see how much you could earn from your content today.

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