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Tipping 101

When you go to a restaurant, knowing how, where and how much you should tip is an important part of navigating any given culture. In the UK it’s common to tip 10 to 15%, but in New Zealand or Japan you might not tip at all, whereas Americans are famous for tipping copiously.

Given that the digital world is international (and often anonymous), it’s interesting to see how tipping culture has developed online. A tip is usually defined as money voluntarily given as a reward for a service. Online, that service is typically a stream, interaction with a fan, or a great piece of content. The psychology of tipping is complex, but fans generally tip content creators to show appreciation or gratitude, to get a positive reaction, or with the social conscience that financially supporting a creator will incentivise them to continue making good content. 

Content creators can perform all of these tip-worthy services on OnlyFans, as well as foster the kind of fan relationships than engender tipping. Tipping is a key way free OnlyFans accounts earn. Pay-to-subscribe accounts can be tipped as well, by fans who want to go the extra mile.

Tipping 101: Ways to Tip on OnlyFans

Tipping is enabled for OnlyFans creators when an account has five posts or more. Whether an account is free or has a subscription price, there are a number of ways fans can tip creators on OnlyFans. Let’s learn about them in Tipping 101! 

tipping on OnlyFans posts

Tipping on posts

If fans want to show appreciation for a particular post, they can tip the creator on that post. Creators can choose whether or not to reveal to their subscribers how much a post has been tipped in their settings, under “security.”

co-stream tip screen

Tipping on stream

Tips are one reason streaming can be such a big earner for OnlyFans creators. Fans can tip creators who Go Live individually, or on co-stream.

Tipping in messages

Messages are places where creators and fans can interact one-to-one and it’s no surprise that this level of connection engenders tipping. Fans can send OnlyFans creators tips through direct messages. Creators also have the option of only allowing accounts they don’t follow back to send them a message if they attach a tip. This shouldn’t be confused with pay-per-view messages, in which fans pay to unlock a piece of content sent in a message.

tipping on profiles

Tipping on profiles

If a fan finds themself wanting to tip a creator for no particular reason other than showing general appreciation, they can go to that creator’s profile and send a tip there.

fundraising target feature composer

Target feature

This one is a little different and may not be tipping in the strictest sense. The target feature allows creators to set a target amount on a post, and then fans can choose whether to donate to the campaign and help the creator reach their goal. This can be used to fundraise for a charity, or just as a way for fans to show appreciation of a creator.

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