• OnlyFans Tipping 101

OnlyFans Tipping 101

You Deserve A Tip

Let’s be honest: being a full-time, or even part-time, content creator is hard work. We know it. You know it. Most importantly, your fans know it. That’s why all OnlyFans accounts, free and paid, with at least five posts, can accept tips from subscribers. Obviously, tips are a great way to earn more money on OnlyFans! But they’re also an important tool for fans to express their gratitude to their favorite creators. Welcome to OnlyFans Tipping 101.

Tipping on Posts

Fans have the ability to show their appreciation for a particular post by adding a tip directly from that post. Extra earnings is great, but seeing which of your posts receive the most tips will help you figure out what kinds of content your fans are responding to.

It’s up to you whether or not to reveal to your subscribers how much a post has been tipped! Just head to ‘Settings’, click ‘Privacy and safety‘ and select ‘Show posts tips sum’ to enable or disable this feature.

tipping on OnlyFans posts

Tipping on Stream

There are many ways to make money live streaming on OnlyFans, and tipping is a big one! Once you’ve ‘Go Live‘ on the platform, your subscribers can send you tips during the stream.

Tipping can help you earn big bucks on live videos, and fans can even tip during a co-stream with another creator! Creators can set a tip goal at the start of the stream and actively track their progress while they’re live.

This can add a whole new level of urgency and engagement in your stream– kind of like those cheesy telethons from the 90s.

co-stream tip screen

Tipping in messages

It’s no surprise that subscribers are more likely to tip after direct communication with their favorite creators. Tipping through DMs on OnlyFans (not to be confused with PPV messages) is a very popular way for creators to earn additional money. 

You can accept tips over DM in exchange for personalized content, advice, recipes, anything. There’s a lot to explore if you choose to hone in on this type of monetization. Many creators choose to put a tip menu on their pinned post, offering custom content or engagement in exchange for a specific tip amount!

If you have a free account, you even have the option to not accept messages from user accounts that haven’t tipped you first. You can enable this by going to Settings > Chats. You may be surprised at how many fans will pay just to interact with you!


tipping in messages

Tipping on profiles

If fans want to express their appreciation for you in general, they can always tip you directly from your profile. Profile tips are especially rewarding, because they’re not tied to any item on a tip menu or a specific type of content. They mean that your fans genuinely appreciate you, and it’s one of the ways users can show kindness on OnlyFans.

tipping on profiles


Your fans want to know what’s important to you, including which charitable causes you’re passionate about. Fundraising on OnlyFans is a great way to share this side of you with your fans, and raise money for a good cause while you’re at it.

The fundraising target feature allows subscribers to contribute donations through tips to a specific post. Just write a post explaining your fundraiser, and set a target for donations. Select the options for donation levels, and click ‘Post’! 

Are you an OnlyFans creator? How do you make the most out of tips? Let us know!

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