• understanding the pending balance on OnlyFans

Understanding the Pending Balance on OnlyFans

There’s no doubt about it: becoming self-employed or starting a side hustle is liberating, but it also requires you to broaden your skills and understanding. When you’re your own boss, you will have to deal with things that don’t cross your mind when someone else is in charge of your paycheck. For OnlyFans creators,  one of these things is managing your payments.

“What is the pending balance?” is a frequently asked question amongst OnlyFans creators looking to become au fait with the platform’s payment systems. Luckily,  the pending balance on OnlyFans is simple to understand.

What is the pending balance on OnlyFans?

When you earn anything on OnlyFans, whether that be from subscriptions, PPVs or tips, that money will enter your pending balance. It will then remain there for eight days. After eight days, the funds will move into your current balance. This system works on a rolling basis.

If you are a creator,  log in and go to the Earnings section on your account to see whether individual payments have processed through to your available balance. If a payment has a tick next to it, it is no longer pending and is now available.

Understanding your current balance

Once the funds have completed the eight-day pending period and are in your current balance, you will be able to withdraw funds to your bank account, provided your current balance is over the minimum withdrawal amount.

If your automatic payments are set to either weekly or monthly, money that processes through from your pending to current balance will be automatically scheduled for payment on the date specified in your Statements page.

Once a payment has been requested, it will take between three to five business days to process into your bank account. To keep track of a payment, you can go to the Payout Requests section in your statements. If a payment has been sent from OnlyFans, this will be signalled by a tick to the right of the payment in question, or the date that the payment was sent out. 

pending balance on OnlyFans
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