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Essential Digital Photography Tips

Photography plays a huge role in helping you create exciting content for your OnlyFans page. Not only is photography fun, but it also allows you to tell a story and express yourself visually for all to see.

With photography being so broad and diverse, it could take a lifetime to learn everything. Which is why we’re here to provide you with essential digital photography tips to help you get started.

Know your camera

Cameras come in various shapes and sizes. So if you switch from one camera to the next, you’re probably making things more difficult for yourself. Stick with one camera and learn the ins and outs. Build up your muscle memory by getting to know where all the buttons are and understand what each function does. Brands like Canon and Nikon often have similar button placements with each model so it may be worth sticking to one manufacturer so you feel more familiar with your next camera.

Shoot in manual mode

While there’s nothing wrong with your camera doing all the work for you with its vast array of auto modes, manual mode gives you so much more control. This mode lets you manually control your shutter speed, aperture and ISO. All three settings work together in changing the overall look of your photos. Mastering these three settings will allow you to get creative and enables you to pull off some snazzy looking tricks.

rule of thirds

Rule of thirds

This is something that every photographer should learn. This will help you create structured and interesting shots. With this technique, you mentally break up the image into thirds, both horizontally and vertically. This will give you a 9 section grid.

The idea is to place all points of interest within the 9 intersections of the grid. This will help set up your composition and, in turn, result in esthetically pleasing images. To help learn this technique, most digital cameras come with a grid display which will give you a visual representation of the rule of thirds.

Check your background

It’s something we often forget to check but backgrounds are a key element to taking great-looking pictures. As most of our focus is on the subject, it’s very easy to forget what’s in the background. It’s usually during later inspection where you often find unwanted objects and oddities that detract the viewer’s attention in an otherwise great looking image.

A great way to improve your photography is to make sure that the background is clear and simple so that the subject is always the point of interest. If you want to get creative, try applying some depth of field so that the background is slightly out of focus, bringing greater detail to the subject in the foreground.

Shop smart – the equipment can get expensive

Photography is an expensive hobby to get into. Not only is a camera a large investment but the gear can cost you a pretty penny. A new lens can cost from £70 – £2000 and with that you have to think about the other expenses such as a light diffuser, flashgun, carrying case and so much more.

While it’s tempting to buy everything brand new, there is no harm in buying something that’s used. Because of how valuable each piece of equipment is, most people do their best to look after their gear properly. As long as you do your research and know the item is in good condition, buying second hand can be a smart move.

Invest in a tripod

Speaking of equipment, it’s definitely worth purchasing a tripod. This will stabilise your camera and is essential for low light photography. This is one of the cheaper pieces of equipment and you will be thanking us for suggesting it.

Shoot in RAW

If you want the sharpest picture possible, shoot in RAW. Not only do the images look crisper but it also provides you information on how the picture was taken e.g. camera model, ISO, shutter speed etc. This is useful information that can help you achieve consistent shots and enables you to edit the image using RAW editing software. This is particularly useful as you can easily adjust brightness and colour settings to help make your images stand out. Just be aware that this would take up more space on your SD card than regular JPEG images. 

Take your time

No one ever gets the perfect shot in one try. It takes a lot of practice and patience to get the picture you want. Instead of slamming the shutter button, think about how you want to compose your shot. Check that the lighting is balanced and that your camera settings match the environment. As long as you’re persistent and take your time, you’ll eventually get the perfect photo.


It’s worth going out there and trying new things. There are lots of opportunities to take photos on either your camera or smartphone. There are all sorts of different types of photography, landscape photography, wedding photography, macro photography, the list goes on. Find what’s best for you and keep at it.

Have fun!

Being a social platform primarily focused on photography and videography, we encourage you to do as much photography as possible. This will provide more content for your fans along with adding more experience to your photography skills. Enjoy yourself!

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