Grandmaster Chef Jojo Is Fire

By Features Editor

March 21, 2023

1 Minute Read

For Grandmaster Chef Jojo, cooking is more than just a job. It’s a way of life. His high standards for flavors, technique, and plating come through clearly on his hit OFTV cooking competition show This Is Fire. Aside from being the show’s title and its host’s personal catchphrase, “This is Fire” represents Chef Jojo’s chef’s lifelong ambition and passion for bringing delicious, high-quality food to everyone. In other words: Chef Jojo is fire.

The Beginning

Born in Detroit, some of Joseph Joudi Saady’s (aka Chef Jojo) earliest memories of cooking came at the age of four or five with his grandmother (sitto in Lebanese).

Growing up, his family ran a gas station with a café attached. His first kitchen job was helping Sitto collect grape leaves for dinner and tending to the deep fryer.

The Path

When the Saady family moved from Detroit to Palmdale, CA, Jojo’s interest in cooking blossomed and he became fascinated with food on a molecular level. But with no money for culinary school, Chef Jojo let the streets of Southern California be his classroom.

He credits everything he learned from the street food vendors in the Palmdale scene.

With only a deep fryer at his disposal, Chef JoJo was able to grow the family business through selling to the field workers.

What started out as a simple chicken-and-fries operation expanded into sandwiches and wraps. Before long, the family was able to move into their first restaurant.

The Fire

From his stylish fits and tattoos, to his signature sense of humor, to his dedication to quality cuisine, everything about Chef Jojo makes him an appealing and exciting creator on OnlyFans.

Having just wrapped its second season and first-ever Superfinals challenge, This Is Fire has been a stand-out original show for OFTV.

Though it’s a competition, Chef Jojo’s kitchen is a fun and supportive place. He’s always there to give the amateur chefs advice and hand right when they need it most.  

If you haven’t yet, check out his show and see for yourself why Chef Jojo is fire.