Algeo’s “Perfecto” UFC Preliminary Win

By OF Sports Editor

April 17, 2023

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During April 15’s UFC Fight Night, Bill Algeo lived up to his “Señor Perfecto” moniker. While the entire evening was stacked with exceptional performances, Algeo’s preliminary bout against TJ Brown was particularly noteworthy. The two featherweight opponents put on a heavyweight show, providing fans with action and entertainment that rivaled the main card. Here’s what went down leading up to Algeo’s “Perfecto” UFC preliminary win.

A Dramatic Turn Of Events

Following his last fight, TJ Brown was primed to score big once again. Early in the match, it appeared Brown would score big again after returning Algeo’s counterpunches with a flurry of shots to the nose.

It became clear that Algeo needed to take the fight to the ground, given how dangerous Brown was on his feet. But for most of round one, Algeo was unsuccessful in bringing Brown to the mat. After unleashing a barrage of jabs to Algeo’s head (followed by some devastating knees), it appeared Brown had this one in the bag.

But everything turned around for Algeo in the second round. After taking an avalanche of Brown’s punches straight to the face, Algeo connected on a short jab at close contact. That shot sent Brown quickly to the mat, leaving him vulnerable.

Seizing his opportunity, Algeo sprung into action and unloaded on Brown enough to put him out for good.

Algeo, who had been seriously considering retirement, assured the crowd post-fight that he would never retire in a “dump like Kansas City.”

It would like Algeo plans to stick around the UFC a while longer to back up his words.

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