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OnlyFans Creators and Their Home Workouts

If exercise were a pill, it would be one of the most cost-effective drugs ever invented,” said health consultant Dr Nick Cavill. Indeed, exercise has a host of benefits, from reducing stress to boosting energy, and generally helping you look and feel good. With all the upheaval from the coronavirus, we need these benefits more than ever. It’s ironic, then, that with gyms closing to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and many countries restricting time spent outside, it’s getting harder to exercise as much as you might want to.

There are many fitness creators on OnlyFans, as well as creators from other genres who just love staying fit. We reached out to some creators to share their favourite home workouts. If you’re stuck and home and want to stay active, you may find some inspiration here! 

Andrea Valls home workouts

Andrea Valls

Andrea Valls is an actor and personal trainer who is using her OnlyFans exclusively for fitness content.

For me, personal training is all about connecting with your client, not just rolling out a ‘one size fits all’ training program, but one which is tailored specifically to their goals. In the current climate, in-the-flesh interaction isn’t always possible, but the need for support and guidance when working out is still desired. This platform gives me the chance to provide my subscribers with tailored programs as well as free workouts to pick and choose whenever they feel. Going live is great for classes and I plan to do many in the future! Being able to keep in close communication with my clients is essential, being their accountability partner and source of advice.

Meagen Harriman

Meagen Harriman

Meagen Harriman is a business coach who uses her OnlyFans for modelling and fitness content

My favourite home workout is anything that involves circuits that are timed. I love some good jump squats, burpees, and inchworms! Blast your favourite music, set your timers and get after it!

Anne Marie Williamson

Anne Marie Williamson

Anne Marie Williamson is a personal trainer and fitness model who embraces muscles and curves for women.

I love home leg workouts! Slowing down the tempo and doing high reps and pulse reps really fire up the glutes and legs, which is great if you want big sexy legs and bums.

Holly Gibbons

Holly Gibbons is an aerial fitness instructor and glamour model. She mainly uses her popular OnlyFans account for glamour content but shows off her incredible aerial skills there as well. 

Whenever I train at home (or when I travel) I find resistance bands are a great bit of equipment, they are inexpensive and so easy to pop in your bag. There are also options for the level of resistance.

I use them during a warmup, through a HITT workout, a weighted session or as assistance during stretching. I find benefits in my fitness levels, flexibility and toning.

Keep at it with your training and, by the end of the lockdown, you might build the strength and flexibility to handle aerial fitness like Holly!

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