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OnlyFans Feature: Co-stream With Another Creator

You can now co-stream with another creator on OnlyFans. Streaming allows you to interact with your fans in real-time and collaborations can boost the following and engagement levels of both creators involved. Dual-streaming allows you to do both, plus, it’s just plain fun to stream with your friends! Here’s how.

How to co-stream with a fellow OnlyFans creator

1. Agree on a time to stream, check your internet connection, and then one of you start streaming.

2. The other creator should navigate to their collaborator’s stream. They will see an option to request to be in their collaborator’s live video.

Request to be in live video

3. The first creator will then receive the option to reject or accept their collaborator’s co-stream request.

Request co-stream

4. You’re on stream together! Subscribers to both accounts will be able to tune in and watch.

dual stream co-streaming

5. You have some options! Choose whether to fill in the stream information and whether to display collected tips to viewers.

enter stream information

6. Viewers will have the option to tip either or both of you. 

co-stream tip screen

Do you co-stream with other content creators on OnlyFans? Let us know in the comments below.

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