Chefs of OFTV


November 23, 2023

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Did you know you can learn to cook new things on OFTV? Like OnlyFans, OFTV is filled with exceptional chefs creating a variety of mouth-watering recipes. If you’re feeling uninspired in the kitchen and want to spice up your culinary repertoire, look no further than the Chefs of OFTV.

Paloma @paloma

Enjoy your favorite indulgent treats guilt-free with health and wellness creator Paloma on OFTV. Paloma transforms everyone’s beloved guilty pleasures into healthy and delicious treats that you can savor without hesitation.

The best part? You don’t need to be a skilled chef like Paloma to recreate her guilt-free creations at home. Her recipes are beginner-friendly, easy to follow, and never compromise on taste and comfort.

Paloma recently shared a Healthy Candy Bar recipe, perfect for putting leftover Halloween candy to good use. And if you’re in the mood for something salty to complement your candy bar, don’t miss out on her Healthy French Fries.

Hailey Cherry @haileycherry

Join photographer and world-traveler Hailey Cherry for a delicious culinary journey on her OnlyFans profile and OFTV channel. Having built a substantial fandom thanks to her thoughtful and introspective content, Hailey infuses that same level of care into her recipes.

Hailey’s culinary adventures span the globe– from Italian classics like bruschetta, to Georgian delicacies like khachapuri.

Beyond the mouthwatering recipes, Hailey’s channel exudes a calm and cozy energy, making the viewing experience a true joy. If more chefs embraced Hailey’s relaxed approach, the entire restaurant industry could become less stressful.

Ruby Day @rubydaytv

As a cosplayer, model, and chef, Ruby Day wears many hats— figuratively speaking. In her humor-infused cooking videos, you’re likely to find yourself laughing while preparing delicious snacks, healthy meals, and even fancy cocktails.

Her commitment as a mixologist really shines on her OFTV channel, where she offers a diverse range of drinks from sangria to Spanish Kalimotxo, and refreshing non-alcoholic sippers like cacao tea or a banana coffee recipe.

Her OFTV channel is a treasure trove of exciting and modern new recipes. Head over there now to discover which of Ruby’s refreshing inventions you’ll create next.

Linda Vo @lindavo

Rounding out our Chefs of OFTV list is Linda Vo, a supremely talented home cook. As a food influencer and former contestant/runner-up on OFTV’s This Is Fire season one, Linda Vo is very comfortable in the kitchen.

If her OFTV channel is any indication, then it’s safe to say that Linda Vo is eating like royalty. The sheer number of exquisite, gourmet recipes she shares with OFTV viewers is almost overwhelming.

From a pulled chicken adobo sandwich to spicy peanut udon noodles, Linda consistently delivers recipes that will have your loved ones and guests cleaning their plates. Savory and spicy seems to be her forte, but to be honest, we don’t think there’s anything that Linda Vo can’t cook.

Which Chefs of OFTV are you cooking with first?

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