• Writers and Onlyfans

Writers and OnlyFans

For many budding writers, getting work published in the current climate can be an almost overwhelming challenge. The internet is inundated with blogs, articles and amateur novels all clamouring for the attention of publishers, with the traditional routes to earning a living using the written word already saturated with experienced wordsmiths.

A subscription site such as OnlyFans offers an exciting alternative to the often-circumscribed pathways into fields such as journalism and novel writing. Publishers and editors once held all the cards for those seeking to make a name for themselves, whether employed or freelance. Now it’s possible to be rewarded financially for your work whilst building a loyal group of readers, on your own terms and without the middle man taking their cut.

Whether your ambition is to become a celebrated novelist, write for the top news outlets as a freelance journalist or craft your own lifestyle blog from the ground up, OnlyFans may present the perfect step into your chosen career.

Content that catches the eye

A successful OnlyFans creator requires their work to be unique and engaging to attract and retain followers, no matter which sector they create content in. For bloggers and writers, this presents an interesting challenge. Whilst you can perhaps sketch out the characters and scenery in your work if you’re a novelist, the vast majority of your content will be presented in a written format. There is certainly nothing stopping you from creating visual content as well, but keeping your audience rapt through your writing is paramount.

Developing a distinctive tone of voice is essential, as your posts will need a personal touch to distinguish them from others. Practicing both formal and informal writing, constructing narrative and working on article writing can improve your ability to multitask and add multiple strings to your bow. A multi-facetted writer can attract a wider range of readers and increase their earning capacity.

Remember that reading is one of the most effective ways of honing your writing. Setting aside time every day to read part of a novel or the work of experienced bloggers can provide you with the insight to improve your own work. As the celebrated horror author Stephen King put it,

If you don’t have the time to read, you don’t have time, or tools, to write.

Communication and Commissions

A major advantage to starting up an OnlyFans profile is the consistent interaction it affords you with your fans. Building a solid relationship with your followers allows you to gain an insight into the most popular types of content, how your publications are being received and how you can improve in the future.

As a writer, capitalising on this ability is an invaluable asset to keeping your writing profitable. Prior the internet, the only way a novelist would be able to gauge their reader’s reactions would be to host book signings and tours. Even today, online article writers only have the comments on their articles if they’re not active on social media. Constant interaction with your audience builds your rapport with them and your reputation as a responsive writer, laying the foundations for a substantial base of subscribers.

Another benefit is that it raises your digital profile, especially if you use OnlyFans alongside other advantageous platforms such as WordPress and Wix. With an estimated 455 million websites using WordPress, according to a survey published by Netcraft, opportunities abound to present your online portfolio to a worldwide audience. Along with the obvious benefit of gaining more traction to your published works, you may find that attractive commissions and freelance work offers become a regular occurrence.

Keep up the good work

As with many creative professions, making a living from writing blog posts, articles and novels can be a daunting task at times. It’s important to bear in mind that hard work and dedication are the most important factors in achieving success. Keeping your published work varied and constant, branching out into new sectors and digesting as much written material as you can will set you in good stead for the future.

It may take writers longer than other professions to reach a point where you feel secure in your career. That being said, steadily growing your fan base, keeping them happy and staying creative with your content will pay dividends for your future as a self-employed writer.

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