• Working With Models: Tips For Photographers

Working With Models: Tips For Photographers

So, you’ve learnt the basics and now it’s time to put your newfound photography skills to the test. Working with models is a great way to build your confidence as a photographer and improve a pretty good looking portfolio. It can also expand your network greatly, which could lead to others reaching out to you for exciting photoshoots and campaigns. But what if you don’t know where to start? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Follow these easy steps and you’ll be confidently working with models in no time.

Find a Model

There are many ways of reaching out to models for a photoshoot. If you are just starting out, try asking your friends and speak with your network. Because you are already comfortable interacting with your model, this is a great way to try new things and find your unique flair.

When you become more confident working with people, you can find professional models on websites like modelmayhem.com and go-models.com, where models list their profiles.

Using OnlyFans is also a great way to connect with local models who are looking for photographers to help grow their modelling portfolio. If you are just starting out you can offer photoshoots for a small fee – or even free if you are feeling generous.

Get to know each other

Meeting new people is often daunting, especially during a photoshoot. Take the edge off and sit down with your subject with a hot cup of Joe and get to know each other. This will make both of you feel relaxed and ready for the task at hand.

Keep talking

Like a movie, a photoshoot needs a director. With no creative direction, there can be no photo. Even experienced models don’t always know what to do so they may need help. If you feel like you’re not getting the shot you need, coordinate them nicely and eventually you’ll get your magnum opus.

Reassure the model

It’s often difficult to get the perfect shot in one go and can be frustrating for you and the model. If the model feels like they’re doing something wrong, reassure them as you’re taking the shot. Even if the photo is not up to scratch, saying something like “You’re doing great” and showing them some good photos goes a long way in improving their self-confidence.

Posing to perfection

This is the fun part. In any photoshoot, it is up to you as the photographer to direct the model as you see fit! Come prepared with an idea of how you want the model to pose. Bring some example photos of other models posing to give your subject an idea of what you’re trying to achieve.

Focus Point Selection

Watch the eyes

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul. This is especially true when trying to achieve an eye-catching photo. Maintaining focus on the subject’s eyes creates a more powerful and engaging image and is an effective means of bringing your photo to life.

To ensure the eyes are always in focus, aim the focus point on your camera over the eyes and make sure the subject is well lit.

Include props

A lot of models don’t quite know what to do with their hands during a photoshoot. Giving them an umbrella or some flowers not only gives their hands something to do, but it can also help set the scene. Bring a variety of props to see what works best.

Lighting is key

As with any form of photography, lighting is the most important factor when it comes to great-looking photos. Make sure the model’s face is correctly exposed to light so they stick out from the background. If the sun is behind the model, be sure to use a reflector so that the light bounces back onto the model’s face.

Keep shooting

No one gets the perfect shot first at the first try. Take as many shots as you can during the session and experiment with different angles and lighting. It’s better to have more photos to choose from.

Shoot in RAW

As stated in our article on essential photography tips, shooting in RAW is essential for getting the sharpest picture possible. It also makes editing your photos easier as RAW supports a vast array of editing software such as Photoshop and Lightroom.

Experiment with Black & White

While colour makes the image pop, black and white can make the scene more dramatic and convey emotion. B&W highlights different details not seen in a standard photo. Skin complexion detail is amplified to eleven and colour no longer distracts the viewer from easily missed points of interest.

Don’t forget your release forms

On OnlyFans, we require all creators and photographers who publish photographs and third-party content to collect and submit release forms and identification. This is to ensure full verification of, and consent from, all participants, and it is in place to support all our content creators and models on our platform. But don’t worry, it’s pretty easy.

To complete the process, the following information is required for verification:

  • The legal name of the account holder
  • Model’s legal name
  • Model’s handwritten signature
  • Model’s date of birth
  • Model’s identification/passport number
  • Handwritten date of release
  • High-quality photos/selfies of the model.

And scene!

It can be hard work but engaging with a model is some of the most fun you’ll ever have in photography. You’ll exchange laughs, learn from one and another and build relationships. Here at OnlyFans, we encourage you to communicate with each other and work together on new and exciting projects.

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