• Why models should expand their online presence

Why Models Should Expand Their Online Presence

When you spend all day having your photo taken, posting selfies in your spare time might not sound appealing. But there are many ways models can use social media and building up an online following can hold many benefits, from a digital portfolio, to networking, to a supplementary income. We had a look at the reasons models should expand their online presence.

The industry has gone social

The rise of social media has changed the way practically every industry operates, Given the modelling industry was visual to begin with, it’s no surprise that social media is changing modelling too. One reason models should expand their online presence is that Instagram and Twitter can act as your online portfolio. Social media can also be an effective way to connect with agencies, fans and photographers. Castings can even be made online these days, so professional looking platforms which effectively capture your look can help you get the jobs you want. Although plenty of successful models don’t use social media, having a large and engaged following can add credibility. In an article regarding the state of the modelling industry, an anonymous model who didn’t use social commented on how its rise has made her feel left behind, despite her success on the catwalk.

Working models make for powerful content creators and social media offers opportunities for those models ready to grasp them. With your industry credibility and impeccable sense of style honed by years on shoots and the catwalk, your lifestyle and content has a level of legitimacy enviable to many. The visual nature of Instagram makes it a popular platform amongst models, but many models also find Twitter or Tik Tok to be enjoyable and useful. OnlyFans could be a useful platform for models who create their own content and want to monetise it, or who want to build a deeper relationship with their most dedicated fans. OnlyFans should only be one facet of a successful online presence though; we recommend using OnlyFans in tandem with other social media platforms, and you can integrate your Twitter account with your OnlyFans.

Autonomy and Creative Freedom

A common frustration expressed by models is the lack of control they have over their work schedule and even the direction of their career. Models typically get most of their work through agencies, and it can be frustrating if you aren’t booking the jobs you want and you feel there is little you can do about it. There may be weeks where your agency doesn’t book you any jobs, and you might be looking for something productive to fill your time. Or you might just crave the creative freedom of wearing what you want and directing your own shoots.

Scarlett Howard, a successful British model discussed this aspect of the modelling industry in a recent video interview. “Being a model you are very much a static mannequin. You become whatever brand you’re representing, it’s never about you.” Although she still enjoys the modelling work procured for her by her agency, Scarlett appreciates the creative freedom OnlyFans affords her. “I now have the power where I can direct my own shoots to get content that I specifically know people will want to see on OnlyFans.”

Financial Benefits

As we discussed earlier, models are usually freelancers and work schedules can be erratic. While the industry can be lucrative, you may have weeks without work through no fault of your own. If you’ve built a healthy online presence, monetising your content is a good option for models looking for an additional income source. On OnlyFans, your followers have to subscribe to see your content for a monthly price that you set. This offers you a predictable, steady income. On top of that, there is the potential to earn more through tips and Pay Per View messages and Tips. The income you earn on OnlyFans is flexible, you can easily fit it around modelling jobs booked by your agency, and there is the added benefit of building a closer relationship with your fans. 

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