Best Of The Roast of Whitney Cummings


June 14, 2023

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After hosting an all-star roast of Bert Kreischer, it was only fair that Whitney Cummings put herself in the hot seat this time around. On Mother’s Day 2023, no less. Comedians Jim Norton and Donnell Rawlings returned to join the hilarious Hannah Stocking, Dan Levy, Annie Lederman, Bob the Drag Queen, Luis J. Gomez, Robin Tran, and Amanda Knox in roasting the guest of honor before Whitney herself took the stage. Buckle up! We’re counting down the best moments from The OnlyFans Roast of Whitney Cummings!

Warning: spoilers ahead.

Hannah Stocking

Host Hannah Stocking kicked off the proceedings strongly, letting the world know that nobody on the dais would be pulling any punches.

“The only filter this roast will have is the one on Whitney’s face.”

Right when it seemed Hannah was making a pointed statement about comedy’s power to unite a fractured country like America, she turned it on her good pal Whitney.

“The only thing pro-life and pro-choice people can agree on is that Whitney Cummings should not have a child.”

Jim Norton

While his fellow roasters may laugh his more adventurous proclivities, Jim Norton wears them like a badge of pride.

“Hannah, you’re funny and you’re beautiful. And if you had a dick, I’d marry you.”

It’s clear just how beloved Jim is by his fellow comedians. That’s what makes roasts so special: comedians can say the most shocking things to one another, but only because they genuinely love each other.

“Luis J. Gomez, who I really do love … it looks like the only thing you raided on January 6 was The Capital Grille.”

Dan Levy

Don’t let Dan Levy’s (not the one from Schitt’s Creek) Ned Flanders-esque demeanor fool you: he definitely showed he can trade blows with the other comedy heavyweights.

“I had to Google all you creeps to write these jokes. Now I’m on OnlyFans and the no-fly list.”

Dan and Whitney came up together in the comedy club circuit and have been friends for decades. That still didn’t stop him from going after her and Annie Lederman at once.

“Annie’s shoulders are broader than Whitney’s definition of feminism.”

Annie Lederman

Annie Lederman hit the podium and launched into her brutally-hilarious set with her signature relaxed delivery.

“Whitney told me this was a dais of her closest friends. Bitch, did you mean your grossest friends?”

Taking aim at Whitney and her fellow roasters, Annie moved through her material so quickly that many comedians didn’t realize they were the butt of the joke until it was too late.

“Jim Norton, you bald baby bird … you look like something Robin Tran’s family bought at a wet market.”

Bob the Drag Queen

While some of the other roasters made the mistake of underestimating Bob the Drag Queen, fans of his knew everyone was in for something incredible.

“Watching Annie Lederman and Hannah and Whitney hang out is like Destiny’s Child, but everyone is Michelle.”

And in response to Dan Levy’s “I had to Google you creeps” joke earlier, Bob had the perfect comeback.

“Google me?! Change your name, bitch. Even Michael B. Jordan was like, ‘put the B in there!’”

Luis J. Gomez

Luis J. Gomez has built a podcast network by championing the first amendment. And when he got to the stage, Luis wasted no time in exercising his freedom of speech.
Luis knows that taking insults and dishing them back out is all part of being a comedian… though Luis wasn’t sure it applies to Dan Levy.

“I wrote all these jokes about the famous Dan Levy, and how he’s an openly gay comedian. Then I found out it was you, and had to go back and take out the word “‘comedian.’”

Donnell Rawlings

When Donnell Rawlings admitted he wasn’t up to speed on the nuances of Bob the Drag Queen’s nonbinary identity, it led to a hilarious (and surprisingly touching) riff.

“I just wanted to say, “N****, you was funny”. Then I wanted to say, “Bitch, you was funny!”

Next, Donnell started reading a text Whitney sent him about performing at her roast. But when Donnell got to the part about his fee, that’s when all hell broke loose.

Whitney chased Donnell all over the stage to keep him from revealing how much he was being paid, while the other comedians shouted, “Say it! Say the number!”

It’s definitely something you have to see for yourself.

Robin Tran

Robin Tran was another comedian who made the mistake of underestimating Bob’s comedic chops. But she covered for it in the most surprisingly funny way possible.

“I just saw a picture of you and thought, ‘he’s probably not funny!’ I was wrong. Apparently I’m a bigot.”

Robin was on fire by the time she set her sights on the woman of the hour. After saying the dais looked like a “7/11 after midnight”, Robin finished with an inspirational story about how Whitney called her to invite her to the roast.

Amanda Knox

Amanda Knox  is most famous for spending nearly four years in an Italian prison after being wrongfully convicted of murder. But she’s also an up-and-coming comedian.

After being a global villain for 15 years, Amanda has extra compassion for people who have it worse than her. “Like anyone that’s had to be a guest on Whitney’s podcast.”

“She held me hostage for four hours. That’s just what you do to Amanda Knox: you lock her in a small room, you interrogate her, ignore her answers, and don’t let her leave.”

Whitney Cummings

For Whitney, being roasted by her closest friends is like having a day off when you compare it to the hate she and other female comics regularly face.

“Do you know how many more school shootings there would be if incels couldn’t call me a busted c*** on Reddit all day?”

The rest of Whitney’s set was a whirlwind of takedowns of gross guys she’s dealt with, reasons why she’s happy being single and childless, and how roast comedy is evolving beyond lazy insults and into something better.

“When comedy is done with skill by people that know what they’re doing, it goes fucking great.”

We completely agree, Whitney.

There’s more great comedy on OnlyFans.

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