What You Should Know About The New Statistics Page

You probably know already that at OnlyFans, we’re passionate about giving creators as many tools as we possibly can to grow their businesses and earn money. Having the right data about your content and who is watching it can be a huge boost to your success! Don’t be alarmed, we know that data has the potential to be intimidating. That’s why we’ve made our new Statistics page, convenient and easy to use! Here’s what you should know about the new Statistics page.


The Statements tab is all about the money! Want to know your overall earnings for the week? The month? January of 2020? The Statements tab is where you go to get the scoop on all the dollars and cents of a given time period. You can also track your payout requests, chargebacks, or referrals for your account. It’s like having your own little accountant on the platform.


The Overview tab is a great tool to figure out which platform features are performing best for you. It conveniently organizes your earnings by platform feature (posts, mass messages, streaming, profile visits, for example). Are your posts earning you more money than your streams? If so, maybe it’s time to switch up your content strategy. So take a deep dive and check out what’s making you money!


Now that you’ve explored Overview, you can move onto the Engagement tab for even more hard data. While the Overview tab focuses mostly on earnings, the Engagement tab focuses on fan engagement– the sheer number of clicks and views for each type of media (posts, messages, streams, and stories for example). Maybe your fans are flocking to your streams, but not engaging as much with your messages. The Overview and Engagement tabs together give you a comprehensive look at how your content is doing overall, both in terms of popularity and profitability!


One key quality of the OnlyFans platform is how passionate we are about strengthening relationships between creators like you, and subscribers. The Reach tab puts those relationship-building tools directly in your hands, focusing entirely on your fans and potential subscribers! Ever wondered where your fanbase is globally? Maybe you’re a massive hit in Vancouver! The Reach tab will let you know. Where are your promotions and trial links performing best? Check the Reach tab. Who knows? Maybe it’ll inspire you to make more Canadian content, eh?


The Fans tab gives you a list of your subscribers’ engagement with your content, plus it’ll help you understand who your ride-or-die fans are based on time spent on your profile. You now have the ability to identify and reward those top fans for their loyalty, or even use this info to plan what kind of content to post next. As a result, your most loyal fans will feel appreciated… potentially leading to more earnings for you! It’s a win-win!

It’s Your Data

So that’s what you should know about the new Statistics page! What you choose to do with these exciting new data tools is totally up to you, though. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: nobody knows your fans quite like you. So take some time to get familiar with these new features and use them in a way that feels right to you!

How will you use the Statistics page? What will you do with all this awesome new information?

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