• What is a portfolio career

What is a Portfolio Career?

The 9 to 5 can be great for many people but it’s not for everyone. Creatures of habit might value the routine of going to the same workplace every day, or if your job is your one vocation you might not want anything more.

But maybe one job doesn’t fulfil your ambitions, meet your financial or creative needs. If this sounds like you then you maybe you should consider a portfolio career. A portfolio career means having multiple income streams instead of one full-time job. 

Changes in the job market in the last two decades have brought both good and bad tidings to job seekers. Depending on your country, it can be harder to get a full-time job than it once was. At the same time, the internet has opened up many ways for entrepreneurial people to start their own business or make money online. OnlyFans is just one of a plethora of options for enterprising people to earn a living without a boss or a traditional job role. 

Types of portfolio career

There are many types of portfolio career and which one you choose will depend on your needs and the nature of your industry.

Anchored: Some people have a full-time or almost full-time job as an ‘anchor’ and then have an additional income stream on top of that. People are often surprised to hear that some of our top creators on OnlyFans also have flourishing full-time jobs and manage to create regular, quality content around it. Of course, this isn’t for everyone and many creators earn enough on OnlyFan to not need to have another job. That being said, if you like your job, adding an additional income stream can be lucrative and keep your skills sharp in two arenas. 

Seasonal: Some jobs such as ski instructors and other resort jobs simply don’t exist in every season. Other industries, such as retail, might be a lot busier in some seasons than others. For people in seasonal careers, having another way to make money during the quieter months is the key to financial security.

OnlyFans is popular amongst models and actors. While these professions aren’t seasonal in the same way a resort job is, many actors and models have periods where they are extremely busy followed by a period with very little work at all.

Part-time: Some people might want variety and a flexible schedule but without the pressure of being their own boss. A portfolio career that combines multiple part-time jobs might suit the needs of these people. Part-time work is growing in many countries, 25% of the British workforce are part-time workers, so it’s often easier than it used to be to get a job that allows you to work reduced hours. 

Benefits of a doing more than one thing

Variety: Some people simply aren’t satisfied doing one thing day in day out. A portfolio career allows you to pursue multiple passions at the same time. 

Develop skills: Doing more than one thing at a time allows you to grow and develop your skills in multiple fields simultaneously. This is great for people who enjoy learning and feeling like they are fulfilling their intellectual capabilities. More skills can also mean more opportunities in the future. 

Security: Conventional wisdom tends to regard full-time salaried jobs with pensions and benefits as “secure” but it really depends on your definition of security. Having multiple skills and income streams means that, if something goes wrong with one of them, you have the other to fall back on. As we move into a new decade, the only constant in life is change. With new technologies, changes in governments and attitudes, perhaps 2020 with favour those who didn’t put all of their eggs in one basket. 

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