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What do fans want from an OnlyFans Creator?

“The hard thing is to offer what fans want. But what do fans want? Do they even know themselves?
After interviewing a number of OnlyFans creators on this blog we decided it was time for the fans to have their say. It got philosophical quickly.

Choosing to support a creator on OnlyFans is a personal and individualised decision. Our platform’s focus on communication and exclusivity means the nature of the relationships our creators have with their fans are far more than a transaction. By definition, the people who subscribe to OnlyFans accounts are superfans who want that little bit more from the creators they support.

What do fans want from an OnlyFans creator? To find out, we reached out to fans of a wide range of creators on our platform. Read on to find out what makes fans of OnlyFans creators tick.

What do you like about the creators you follow?

An engaging, relatable, personality was at the top of the list for our superfans, followed by the creator’s image.

“She seems to be a fun-loving person, always happy and smiling. I just love her smile, the way she winks. She’s like a small rainbow on a grey day.”

“She is a nice and down to earth girl. My favourite features of hers are her smile or her eyes.”

“I think she is gorgeous and down to earth.”

What made you decide to subscribe to their OnlyFans account?

For fans, a desire to support their favourite creator was key, as was the activity level of the creator.

The will to support her more efficiently. I’m not really interested in NSFW content. I prefer her smile.”

“I think the pricing and also the display of backlogged content influences a decision. Not only that but whether the person is active on socials or seemingly active enough on OnlyFans to warrant pledging.”

How else do you support your creators?

Most of our interviewees had followed the creators on other social media platforms before subscribing to their OnlyFans and continued to support them on SNS, crowdfunding, and subscription services. 

“I first found her on Twitter, then I found out she was on Snapchat and liked what I saw. She did a bit of advertising for her Onlyfans account and I thought I’d give it a try. I wasn’t disappointed”

“I’ve followed her for years now so Onlyfans was a bonus for me.”

“I support BlueMerkitten and others on Patreon (Katyuska Moonfox, for example), and other content creators on Tipeee


Something consistent across all of our respondents was how much fans want to support their creators.

“I want to support an alt-model who I think deserves to live her dreams. I hope she can!”

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