What Cosplayer Creators Are Wearing This Halloween

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By AK & Ana

October 26, 2022

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Of all the creators on OnlyFans, nobody does Halloween quite like cosplayers. While most of us only dress up in elaborate costumes once a year, these creators have turned that into a year-round event. If you’re  scrambling to put together a last-minute costume idea, read on. Here’s what cosplay creators are wearing this Halloween. Make sure you subscribe to these artists and support them! 

Marie Dee @MarieWithDDs 

Creator Marie Dee was drawn to cosplay through her life-long love of superhero movies, anime, and being in the spotlight. For her, having only one day of Halloween each year isn’t enough to satisfy her love of playing dress up.

This year, she’s dressing as Starlight from The Boys for Halloween. She’ll be rocking her Starlight fit all week for social content, and to a party! 

“Starlight will be one of my first official cosplays, and I’m so excited to go all out and get into character!”

She’s also got some advice for those of you who might be looking for a last-minute costume this year. 

Take inspiration from simple, but cute characters in popular shows! I’ve put together last-minute costumes like Daphne from Scooby-Doo (purple dress, pink boots, green neck scarf) and Barbie (pink everything)!

They were all super easy to put together and turned out so cute!”

Khainsaw Cosplay @KhainsawCosplay

Khainsaw Cosplay certainly brings a sense of humor to her cosplay transformations. This year? She’s dressing up as the iconic character Eric Cartman from South Park. And this isn’t the first time she’s channeled Cartman. She debuted the gender-bending look a couple months ago. This Halloween, she’ll be wearing the look to a Halloween-themed music festival!

When it comes to types of costumes she typically creates, the sky’s the limit. There’s no look she won’t try.

I think I could have fun dressing up as almost anything or anyone as long as I could put my own spin on it!”

Like many cosplay creators, Khainsaw’s interest in costumes started with Halloween. But now that she dresses up professionally, Halloween isn’t as big a deal as it once was.

“Halloween was always my favorite holiday because that was the one time of year I got to wear something different! It’s really fun to figure out techniques to bring something from the screen into an actual wearable outfit in person.

Ironically enough, Halloween hasn’t been as big of a deal to me as an adult because I dress up so much nowadays!” 

Mercurial Mouse @Mercurial_Mouse

Mercurial Mouse chose her Halloween this year from a place of strength and positivity. She’ll be dressing as Raphtalia from Rising of Shield.

“She’s one of my favorite anime characters, because she’s loyal and fierce. The anime is awesome– it shows that no matter how hard things become or how jaded you might feel, it’s okay to rely on people that love you!”

As if racing to throw together unforgettable looks wasn’t enough, Mercurial Mouse also races cars! As a result, her Raphtalia debut will be online-only this year.

Mercurial Mouse’s love of cosplay isn’t just about dressing up. She gets just as much satisfaction from the process of creating her outfits. It’s the whole thing, really.

“I have always loved being able to express myself by dressing how I feel. I guess I don’t fully understand it myself, but I know that cosplaying brings me a lot of joy! 

Making costumes teaches me patience, and I always learn a new skill every costume I make!”

What will you be wearing this Halloween? Let us know in the comments!