• What can I live stream on OnlyFans?

What can I live stream on OnlyFans?

One of our favourite features for creators to use on the platform is live streaming. Its versatility makes it an incredibly effective tool for so many of our creators across a variety of genres. But why live stream, and what are the benefits of the feature? What kind of things can you live stream on OnlyFans, and how can this impact you as well as your fans? Let’s take a look at how to make the most of this feature so you can have a more enriching experience on the platform.

24hr Statistics OnlyFans

Using Your Analytics

By checking your analytics, you will be able to track all of the traffic on your profile. More specifically, you can see which countries your fans are from. If you find that a majority of your fans are from a specific country or time zone, you can decide to go live at a time most of your fans will be active. This will help you achieve the best possible numbers for a live stream at a given time, and also demonstrate your devotion to a majority of your fans. For example, if you are a creator in the UK and you discover most of your fans are based in the US, accounting for the time difference and live streaming at a time more suitable for them will enhance your reachability. It tells your fans that you care about their support, and you will be able to connect with as many as possible at once. 

Living in the present

As a creator, your loyal fanbase wants to see awesome content only you can give to them, which provides a personal experience that’s worth paying for. Your fans follow your profile because they want to connect closely with you, so this is important to bear in mind. If they love seeing your posts on the platform, the next step is to allow your fans to see you in the present by live streaming, as this makes for authentic viewing. It’s one thing for fans to see you active on the platform, but it’s another thing entirely for them to be able to see you live and engaging in real-time. It helps keep you grounded and allows for a much more authentic experience.


Live streaming is the perfect opportunity to answer all kinds of questions for your fans. You can create a post ahead of time to receive questions and then decide which ones you’d like to answer and discuss in your live stream.

Alternatively, you can take questions during the stream on the Live Chat function. This is another great way for your fans to get to know you on a whole new level, and make them feel like their voices are being heard. If you want your fans to follow your account long term, then making them feel valued will go a long way by using the live stream feature.

Live streaming on OnlyFans can also be a great personal exploration for you to reminisce on your experiences. Fans may ask what drew you to your particular genre or niche, your creative processes, and top tips you would give to fellow creators. There is an infinite number of topics you can discuss with your fans, and live streaming is the perfect opportunity to do this in a time-efficient way. 


As well as getting to know you more as a creator, a live stream could also be an ideal way to receive feedback and suggestions from fans. As an OnlyFans creator, you may struggle from time to time to come up with new and fresh content ideas to please your fans.

So what’s the easiest way to figure that out? By asking your fans directly and getting sincere feedback. They may have fantastic ideas that you might not have considered yet. You can also use the live stream to announce future ideas you already have for content. This can be a fab way to build excitement and keep your fans coming back for more.

Fans can provide feedback on their preferences for engagement. Perhaps you may find a significant number of fans that would rather receive DMs to posts, or vice versa. Receiving specific suggestions and feedback from fans on a live stream can be invaluable. And because it’s a live stream, it’s the perfect opportunity for you to discuss all elements of your profile, and make your fans feel like they’re contributing to your success.


Following on from suggestions, it’s imperative to clarify that, ultimately, live streaming allows you to treat your fans to a live show! Here are some examples from a variety of genres and some of the topics you can live stream on OnlyFans.

Cooking on OnlyFans


If you’re a chef or a total foodie who loves to cook, you can treat your fans to live streaming some of your awesome recipes. They can follow along with you so you’re all cooking a delicious meal together during your masterclass. And you can be right there to provide little tips and tricks along the way that they may not find in recipe books. It’s a great way to provide useful and personal food content.

Acting on OnlyFans


If you’re an actor on the platform, you can perform some pieces directly to your fans on a live stream. You can do monologues or dramatic readings, or maybe even tease some upcoming projects with exclusive snippets of dialogue. Consider collaborating with other actors on OnlyFans and live stream a performance together.

Talk about your inspirations, what inspired you to be an actor, how you got into your career, top tips for auditions and your favourite icons in the industry. Make your fans feel like they’re part of your acting experience. Improv is always a fun exercise to test your acting chops in new ways. Perhaps you have some helpful tips and tricks for any fans looking to become the next Hollywood actor or actress that you can share on a live stream.

Comedy on OnlyFans


As a comedian, you can test out new material for your stand up than on a live stream! Your fans will be there to give you honest feedback on what works so well as part of your routine.

Live streaming is an awesome way to find your strengths and expand your scope as a comedian. During tough times, everybody wants to be laughing and smiling more. A live stream is a great way to make your fans feel like they’re sitting in the front row of one of your gigs. Plus, similarly to acting, your fans can give you suggestions to help you improve your comedic style. Sometimes there’s nothing better than when a comedian goes off on a tangent, and maybe that’s what inspires new material for you.

Art on OnlyFans


From painting to crafting sculptures, there’s room for every kind of artist on the platform – and every kind of artist can use the live stream feature. You can share your preferences and techniques with all of your fans at once. That way, your fans can see first hand how an artist can turn nothing into something beautiful. Your subscribers can also offer words of encouragement in the live chat section.
Seeing your process of making art can add a whole new level of appreciation from your audience. It’s one thing to see the end product, but to see all the hard work put into one piece could even add value to your craft. 
Fitness on OnlyFans live stream on OnlyFans


It’s often the case that people are more encouraged to work out if they feel like they aren’t alone. Whether it’s a buddy at the gym or a friend to go running with, people tend to push themselves more when working out together.

That’s why live streaming is the perfect way to bring your fans together for one epic fitness journey. They can follow you along step-by-step in a workout, and you as the creator can offer words of encouragement during the stream. Your fans can send you ideas for different fitness exercises in the live chat. Someone may want a tip on the correct way to do push ups, and you can inform them of the levels of difficulty for different people. This isn’t limited to exercises either. You can offer nutritional advice or discuss what equipment you use.

If fans idolise your fitness lifestyle, then live streaming is the perfect way to provide great insight, so that they can be informed and make their own positive changes.

Music on OnlyFans live stream on OnlyFans


We’re lucky to have a wide variety of musicians on the platform already utilising the live stream feature – and you can be one of them. Embrace the exclusivity of OnlyFans by playing tracks that have never been heard before. Take requests of fans’ favourite songs, invite them to sing or play along, make them feel a part of the experience. You can even use it as an opportunity to teach your fans. What methods worked best for you when learning to play an instrument? How did you find your voice as a musician? You can reveal it all during a live streaming session.  

Beauty on OnlyFans live stream on OnlyFans


A lot of fans follow beauty creators for their own inspiration. Perhaps there are certain techniques for applying makeup that are difficult to achieve but better in the long run.

As a beauty content creator, you can teach these techniques using the live streaming feature. You can break it down step-by-step so that everyone can follow along. You can take questions about certain products and brands that have worked best for you. In addition to this, live streaming can be an opportunity to learn from your fans. What if there are beauty methods you’ve never tried or heard of? A live stream can be an opportunity for you and your fans to learn and experiment. You could even showcase beauty looks for special events, holidays or occasions, such a Christmas or Halloween.

Gaming on OnlyFans live stream on OnlyFans


Live streaming is such a big part of the gaming community. There are so many channels across social media dedicated solely to this hobby. Whether you’re playing a game for the first time or a seasoned veteran, fans can watch you play and they can feel as though they are part of the experience. They can watch along with your reactions to those massive cliffhangers and emotional stories.

Live streaming is the perfect way for your personality to shine through. Whether your commentary is hilarious or insightful, your fans want that personal experience and to get your take on a game. You could accept suggestions from your fans as to what games to play. From a small indie title to a lengthy franchise, the huge variety of games can make each play-through unique and enjoyable.

Wellness on OnlyFans live stream on OnlyFans


Mental health is such an important part of everyday life, and it applies to everyone. We all have things going on that can be hard to deal with, especially if we feel alone. One of the aspects we take pride in at OnlyFans is a sense of community, which includes coming together with shared interests across a wide variety of genres.

For creators promoting wellness, what better way to spread that energy of wellbeing than on a live stream? Your fans can ask you for advice on a range of topics, from personal struggles to positive tips for productivity. And with the live stream being open for all fans, people can be reassured that they’re not alone and that there are other people looking to improve their wellness too. You can create a poll to find the most popular topics wellness fans want you to explore. You could even live stream from your phone, go for a walk and encourage your fans to do the same.

Little acts of kindness on your live stream can go a long way to improving the physical and mental wellbeing of yourself and others.

These are just some examples of how you can fully embrace the live streaming feature – and we’ve barely scratched the surface! We’re so happy to see creators using live streaming on OnlyFans regularly to connect closely with their fans and offer a more personal experience.

Do you use the live stream on OnlyFans? What tips do you have for fellow creators looking to use the feature? Let us know in the comments section below.

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