• What Black History Month means to OnlyFans Creators

What Black History Month means to OnlyFans Creators

In the United States, February is Black History Month and we wanted to hear from our OnlyFans creators about what Black History means to them. Hear what they had to say below.

Black History Month- Dine with Vii

Dine with Viii

OnlyFans creator Vanessa, also known as Viii, is taking her fans along on her health journey. Her fans can cook, eat, chat, sing and dance with her on the platform. As a big foodie, she is sharing some delicious recipes as well as giving her fans a chance to really get to know her. We wanted to hear what Black History Month means to Viii, and she said:

“Black History Month always reminds me of how strong and resilient people of African descent have been and how we continue to be. Seeing images of how black people have fought to hold claim of their culture and basic human rights will forever inspire me. I wear my afro as a crown, just like the Black Panthers did in the Civil Rights Movement during the 60s and 70s. Embracing and showing their natural beauty in a time of deep social, racial and political tension has always been inspirational to me and I will forever appreciate their bravery back then for giving me more freedom to wear my natural hair now. Black History Month doesn’t last for just a month for most of us… it’s everyday!”

Black History Month- Real Yung G

Real Yung G

Greg Collins Jr., better known as Real Yung G, is a talented rapper originally from Chicago but now based in Illinois. Rapping since the age of 14, he is no stranger to creating music with a whole host of successful albums under his belt. He remains an independent artist and has found success through a range of channels. One of those platforms is OnlyFans, where he provides his fans with a behind-the-scenes look into his life and career. He even offers his fans tips and techniques for the industry! When asked what Black History Month means to him, he said:

“What Black History Month means to me is a celebration of African American history [and] people who paved the way so I could have rights, and my future kids can have rights. I have huge respect for Black History Month because it educates me on my history and the culture of African Americans like Malcolm X, Dr King, Frederick Douglass, Harriet Tubman and many more. I feel like it’s important to learn your history and know where you come from because if you don’t know your past you are bound to repeat it.”

Black History Month- Akakioga


Based in Cincinnati, USA, Cosplayer Akakioga brings her cosplays to life on OnlyFans. She brings her fans into an enchanting world as she recreates characters and truly engages with them. Her mystical photosets and outfits are loved by her subscribers and for Black History Month she is shining the light on other black creators too. Here’s what she had to say about the observance:

“Black History Month is a month of unabashedly celebrating black excellence. A month we as the black community can truly be proud of what we’ve done, been able to do, and continue to do; sharing that proudness with the world. As a black creator, I also celebrate 28 days of black cosplay; which celebrates black creatives in the online space.  By putting more black creatives in the spotlight, we hope that more opportunities will come to those who deserve it. Even though we get the shortest month of the year, my hope every year is that this energy continues into March and the months beyond just February! I truly appreciate OnlyFans for recognizing the importance of giving your black creators a chance to share our voices and what we’re passionate about. Thank you for being a part of this movement!”

Black History Month- Lady Jetlag

Lady Jetlag

Makeup artist Lady Jetlag continues to thrive on OnlyFans where she shares her beauty influence. You can see her recreating different aesthetics, providing makeup tutorials and offering tips. Her page is also a place where she lets her fans in on a more personal side to her, as she talks about relationships and positivity. When asked about what Black History Month means to her, Lady Jetlag told us:

“Black History means to me celebrating the supernatural strength of my ancestors that was passed on to me to help me endure the hardships and societal racism we face regularly living in America. Black History means recognizing the people who lost their lives SIMPLY because of the color of their skin whether it was through police brutality, slavery or everyday racism. Black History means to me being PROUD of my heritage and standing with pride to know that as people, we are some of strongest, brilliant minds there is and to use this month to build each other up, support black-owned businesses and lift each other up and come together as a community.”

Black History Month- The Plastic Boy

The Plastic Boy

Gary Thompson, also known as The Plastic Boy, joined us on OnlyFans to share everything beauty, fashion and lifestyle. The glam expert is offering a whole range of tutorials to help his fans recreate show-stopping looks. His tips and tricks for flawless makeup are definitely worth checking out and he also does product reviews too. We asked him what Black History Month means to him and here’s what he had to say:
“Black history to me is educating people and the younger generation today on the history of what my ancestors had to go through. It’s shining [a] light on a moment some people may find it hard to talk about, but we have to let it be known to all generations of black history! It’s also to recognise the outstanding contributions black people have delivered.”
Alonzo Lerone Black History Month on OnlyFans

Alonzo Lerone

Alonzo Lerone is a comedian and content creator who has spent years entertaining his audience online with his funny videos. Even though he has millions of followers across social media, he joined OnlyFans last year to show more exclusive, behind-the-scenes content and his personal side for his fans.

Talking about what Black History Month means to him, Alonzo Lerone said:

“Black History Month to me is about proper recognition. [It’s about] never forgetting the accomplishments and struggles people of color had to go through during the times when we were seen as a race beneath others. Our light shines bright in February and I owe it to the ones that came before me to keep on shining every day.”

What does Black History Month mean to you? Let us know in the comments!

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