• OnlyFans creators are doing for Valentine's Day

What are OnlyFans creators doing for Valentine’s Day?

Love is in the air this month on OnlyFans! This year, Valentine’s Day will be a little different for most of us but we can all still spend the occasion celebrating all things romance, friendship and admiration. Due to recent events, now more than ever we want to show our appreciation to our loved ones and many OnlyFans creators are doing just that. On OnlyFans we see many relationships blossom as our creators join forces and share their affection for each other. This Valentine’s Day we wanted to celebrate some of these couples, so we spoke to a handful of them to find out their plans. Here’s what some of our OnlyFans creators are doing for Valentine’s Day.

What are OnlyFans creators doing for Valentine's day?

Hammy TV

The hilarious prankster couple Ryan and Jen Hamilton make up the duo that is Hammy TV. Known for being the ‘craziest couple’ on the internet, they share their wildest and most shocking pranks on the platform. They are always on the look to catch each other out in their mischievous skits but also share their appreciation and love for one another. Here’s what the couple had to say about the special occasion:

“Although my fiancé and I show love to each other daily, Valentine’s Day is always a special time for us. We love to do something new every year. Last year I surprised my fiancé by bringing her to Winvian Farm in Connecticut. The room I got for us actually has a giant helicopter from the US coast guard in it! Yes you heard right. In the massive room is a helicopter which has a full bar in it, a tv, and a full couch! The rest of the room has a Jacuzzi, steam shower and a massive king size bed. This was an amazing time for us and every year we do something new! Valentine’s Day is a day to really take it up a notch and show love to your significant other!”

What are OnlyFans creators doing for Valentine's day?- Stephen Voyce & Oro

Stephen Voyce & Oro Marzo

The talented musician and actor Stephen Voyce continues to flourish on OnlyFans. You can find him releasing exclusive music, showcasing his best authentic self and providing an insight into his world. You will also find him sharing his appreciation for his ‘queen’ and fellow OnlyFans creator Oro Marzo. The duo are both really creative and here’s what the two OnlyFans creators are doing for Valentine’s Day:

“We would’ve loved to go to the spa to celebrate V Day… but since that won’t be possible this year, we decided to bring the spa to us! We’ll pamper ourselves with masks in the tub followed by massages and an unreasonable amount of chocolate. As for OnlyFans, Stephen and I will film a short video of us answering questions our fans might have and Stephen will post it on his OnlyFans on Valentine’s Day. As for me [Oro] I’ll be posting a Valentine-themed photoset on my OnlyFans for the occasion.”

What are OnlyFans creators doing for Valentine's day?- Kenzie & Roman

Kenzie & Roman

TV and radio hosts Kenzie & Roman, also known as ‘your new favourite couple’, recently kickstarted their OnlyFans journey as a pair. Their OnlyFans is absolute couple goals as they give their fans a behind the scenes look into their world. They always bring their infectious energy and even share their do’s (and don’ts) of dating. When asked what they are planning for Valentine’s Day this year they said: 

“This year, we’ll be flying from Chicago to Tampa for Valentine’s Day weekend because one of Kenzie’s best friends is getting married! [On OnlyFans] we will be posting tons of exclusive photos and videos: travel hacks, restaurants to try, cute outfits and the best ways to make your love a priority on this special holiday! We’ll also post a brand new Couples Quiz video…our last one got a little heated! Lol.”

What are OnlyFans creators doing for Valentine's day?- Lady Jetlag

Lady Jetlag 

Makeup artist Lady Jetlag is sharing an array of fun content on OnlyFans. Her fans have become part of her #beautygang as she shares makeup tutorials and tips. She also uses the platform as a place to talk about relationships and offer advice. You can even interact with her polls as she starts conversations around a range of topics. We spoke to her to find out what she’s up to with her partner and on OnlyFans this year:

“Every year we [Charley and I] always go all out for each other but this year we have been focusing on knocking down goals and securing our future. I was going to wait to announce but we just put a down payment on our house getting built from the ground up so [for] Valentine’s Day I got us a cake made and [I’m] making a celebratory dinner to celebrate knocking another goal down TOGETHER! I couldn’t ask for a better partner in crime, she matches my hustle, my energy and loves on me in ways that I NEVER imagined! [On OnlyFans] I plan on uploading Valentine’s Day inspired makeup tutorials and videos compilations of me and [my] wife’s old Valentine’s Day festivities.”

What are OnlyFans creators doing for Valentine's day?- James & Chloe

James Haskell & Chloe Madeley

Rugby player James Haskell and fitness coach Chloe Madeley make up the ultimate team of fitness pros. On James’ OnlyFans, you can find all things fitness, training, mindset and mental health. He even DJs and has a laugh with his fans. Chloe is also sharing her best fitness tips, along with recipes and workouts that are sure to get you fired up. The pair also enjoy making content together and are known for their ‘couples quarantine’ podcast. Here’s what the OnlyFans creators are doing for Valentine’s Day this year:

“Like the rest of the UK, this Valentine’s Day will probably be yet another night of Netflix and chill, but given we’ve been doing Dry January, we’re going to celebrate with a bottle of champagne. This is also our very first Valentine’s with a puppy (a puppy the size of a small horse), so I’m sure he’ll hijack the evening true to form!”

On OnlyFans, James and Chloe are going to be releasing a special joint video for Valentine’s Day. They will be discussing their hilarious and embarrassing relationship stories that are definitely worth hearing!

Will Estus & Groovy Gabs Valentines

Skaterrboi & Groovy Gabs

Some couples on OnlyFans have completely different talents! Skaterrboi is a skateboarder of 16 years and shares his top tricks and techniques on OnlyFans. He’s teaching about the skateboarding way of life, whether you are new to the sport or want to improve your skills. Meanwhile, the fabulous Gabi, also known as ‘groovy gabs’ is using her OnlyFans as a way to make sense of reality. She’s diving deep into what it means to have a human experience with healthy tips around mindset and habits. The couple are connecting with their fans in different ways but we asked them what they get up to together:

“We’re always laughing and having a good time. Even when we’re supposed to be serious we might burst out laughing. A night of movies and snacks with my favorite human is the perfect date.”

What are OnlyFans creators doing for Valentine's day?- Chicklet & Melani

Chicklet & Melani

The entertaining couple that is Chicklet and Melani Cruz are constantly making their fans laugh on OnlyFans. From comedy skits to exclusive photos, they give their fans a sneak-peek into their relationship. When asked what they are up to for the occasion, they told us: 

“For Valentine’s Day we are having a private chef come to our house and cook for us.”

This year on OnlyFans the duo are going to be sharing some truly hilarious content you won’t want to miss. The only question is, who is going to catch who out next?

We hope you enjoyed getting to know what OnlyFans creators are doing for Valentine’s Day.
Do you have any fun Valentine’s plans this year? Let us know in the comments!

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