• What are OnlyFans creators doing for Halloween

What are OnlyFans Creators Doing for Halloween?

Costumes, parties, darker nights, and the eerie and magical at every turn… is it any wonder that Halloween is a time when creative juices are really flowing? Many creators in our community are pulling out all the stops when it comes to spooky content, so we thought we would share some of their plans. Here’s what OnlyFans creators are doing for Halloween: 

Lua Stardust

“Ever since I was a kid I always LOVED to dress up. I would spend so much time in the Halloween store and often I wouldn’t find exactly what I wanted so my grandmother would make me accessories or full-on costumes. From her, I learned so much about sewing and it’s inspired me to make my own costumes and take on cosplay as a profession. Which means I get to dress up all year long, how cool is that?! Another bonus is honestly the candy… I mean who turns down free candy?

I’ve been creating tons of content for my OnlyFans page this month, lots of spooky/sexy sets themed around Halloween. On the night, I’ll be with my friends exploring New Orleans for all the spooky haunts. We are big into the occult, true crime etc. So it’s the perfect place to be on Halloween. I think I’m going to go with a Scoops Ahoy costume this year haha. Since I do cosplay full time I love to take it a bit easier and wear something fun or from a cult classic.”

Lua Stardust Halloween

Silfy Star

“Halloween, or rather the entire month of October, is my favourite time of the year. I love that being in cosplay is accepted by everyone during this time, I love the horror, the blood, everything that Halloween is about. I have a twisted mind and October is when I can embrace it the most without too many odd looks.

On OnlyFans, I devoted this entire month to making sure every shoot was in cosplay, it was a lot of work but also a lot of fun but very rewarding.”

What are OnlyFans creators doing for Halloween Silfy Star

Brooklyn Blue

“I started my Halloween week off with a themed content day on Monday – “Dungeon Day”. On Halloween, I have parody films of Scary Movie and Blair Witch Project going live on my OnlyFans. The Scary Movies like you’ve never seen them before!”

Jessica Myers

“I will be celebrating Halloween by posting tons of great content on OnlyFans in my costumes. This year I am going to be Lady Deadpool. And I’ll also be handing out candy to the local kids and taking my son out trick or treating.”

Jessica Myers

Lexi Slade

“What I like most about Halloween is stepping outside of my cosplay comfort zone. I will be celebrating Halloween this year with my OnlyFans subscribers as a Wereskunk original character and gender-bent Joker. The pictures and videos will be iconic hopefully as I intend to use my acting skills and everything to make these the best spooky videos. They will be my first Halloween content I’ve ever made thus far!”

What are OnlyFans creators doing for Halloween Lexi Slade

Jenna Beaver

“What I love most about Halloween is dressing up. I enjoy taking photos in playful costumes and love dressing up as my favorite Halloween icons. I plan on spending Halloween going to haunted houses,

watching scary movies, and ending the night by posting spooky cute photos and videos for my fans.”

Jenna Beaver

Lexie Yuh

“Well actually, I call it “Halloweek.” I pick out multiple outfits to wear throughout the week. This time around I plan on going out a few nights, throwing a house party, and going trick or treating with my friend’s little siblings!”

Lexie Yuh

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