• What are OnlyFans Creators doing for Christmas?

What are OnlyFans Creators Doing for Christmas?

There are OnlyFans creators all over the world, from a variety of traditions. Not all of them celebrate Christmas but, from what we’ve seen, those who do are making this year count.

Here’s what some wonderful OnlyFans creators are doing for Christmas, from taking a break and spending time with family, to wonderful outfits and special deals on their OnlyFans pages. However you are spending it this year, Happy Christmas from OnlyFans!

What OnlyFans creators are doing for Christmas

Lana Harding 

“I think my favourite thing about Christmas is probably the daft little traditions that every family has this time of year that probably don’t make sense to anyone else but Christmas just isn’t the same without them! Like I always take a nap on Christmas Day in this one armchair at my parents’ house that nobody ever really sits in – other than me on Christmas Day… so I spend all of December looking forward to this 10/10 nap!”

Swedish Bella

“I’m celebrating Christmas with my husband and some friends. Usually, we would go back to Sweden but not this year. I kinda miss home during the holidays, we don’t get any snow here in Los Angeles unfortunately haha.”

Jacqui Ryland

Jacqui Ryland

“Christmas is my favourite time of year, I absolutely love dressing my house, this year I already have 3 trees! It’s a time for spreading love and spending time with family which I adore. This year I’ll be spending Christmas at home cooking for my entire family.”

Luna Lanie

“I love Christmas and usually go back to the Northeast to experience the cold and snowy weather for the holiday. This year I’m planning a cross country trip and photoshoot for all my fans on OnlyFans. Stopping to take sexy holiday pictures along the way as I drive from LA to Washington DC. I’m celebrating Christmas with my family the traditional way, and then going on a ski trip before heading back to the warm LA sun.”

Anya Braddock

Anya Braddock

“I moved to LA about a year ago so sadly my family is in the Midwest but my friends are throwing a wonderful Christmas get together that I’m sure will make me feel right at home! I also want to drop some content on Christmas Day and might even stream to keep my online family close to me during the holidays!”

What are OnlyFans creators doing for Christmas?


“Christmas has always been my favourite holiday. Everything from the cold weather that allows us to stay in and find warmth under blankets. The smell of the Christmas tree that lingers throughout the house. The feeling you get when you buy and wrap a gift for someone and feel their reaction in the hug they give you.”



“I love that even if it‘s “fake” people get friendlier and spread positivity for the most part around Christmas. There‘s pretty lights everywhere and awesome sweets/food. I‘m a sucker for the food!”


For me, Christmas means sharing an amazing time with close people. I have some trouble with my biological family and so the internet has helped me to find my own chosen family.

My chosen family is more important than anything. They help me every day by supporting my work, they are respectful, they are amazing. So I’m preparing some videos and live streaming on OnlyFans for Christmas to thanks my lovely subscribers who have supported me for one year now. 


“The thing I like most about Christmas is the general spirit that seems to lift the moods of everyone this time of year. The lights on the houses bring me such joy and I think snow is magical! Plus, it seems as if everyone is in a more giving mood and feeling a little extra grateful for what they have.”

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