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Visual Artists, Commissions, and OnlyFans

The internet has changed the landscape for creative professionals and visual artists are no different. Visual artists face a dilemma because they often build up their following by posting their work online. This is usually necessary for promotion but it means that they are giving away content for free. Commissions are the bread and butter for many visual artists and, given this, some artists worry that setting up a subscription service like OnlyFans will interfere with this aspect of their livelihood. Here’s how you can combine using OnlyFans with taking commissions as a visual artist.

Pay What You Want

One interesting strategy some visual artists use on OnlyFans is setting the base subscription price to zero. This way, your OnlyFans functions like a ‘members club’ where you can post exclusive content and connect with your most dedicated fans. This is the same logic that inclines some visual artists to set up a mailing list, but OnlyFans’ visual nature makes it more suited to the task than an email newsletter. 

In recent years, pay-what-you-want has become a more popular strategy for many businesses and for creative products in particular. Pay-what-you-want is where the client decides how much the service or the product is worth.

If you don’t set a subscription price you are effectively using a pay-what-you-want strategy, which can be very effective. There are plenty of ways for your fans to pay what they want on OnlyFans, such as Pay Per View Messaging. PPVs are a way to share exclusive content that your followers can choose to pay for. 

Tipping is another feature that can be used creatively by visual artists. With every post you make, users have the option to tip. They can also tip you via direct message, or on stream, if you ever fancied doing some live painting. Many of your followers are interested in you not just as an artist but also as a person, so you can also post lifestyle content on your OnlyFans on days when the artistic juices aren’t flowing as much as you would like them to.

Charging for Subcriptions and Taking Commissions

Some visual artists may not be comfortable with setting their subscription price to zero. You can take the view that, if your fans are willing to pay more to subscribe to your OnlyFans, why give it away for free? 

Can you combine charging for subscriptions on OnlyFans and taking commissions? Of course you can! Some creators make a ‘tip menu’ which they use as a pinned post. This is a list of types of custom made content which you are offering in return for a certain level of tip. This effectively allows you to complete the commission process entirely within OnlyFans. You can also use OnlyFans as a place to consolidate your relationship with your fans, earn a regular income from your superfans through subscriptions, and keep your commission process seperate. Your OnlyFans really can be what you make it. 

Unlock The Power Of Your Influence

Now’s the time to recognise you have influence and look at how to make it pay, so check out OnlyFans and see how much you could earn from your content today.

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