• Using OnlyFans in Tandem with Other Social Media Platforms

Using OnlyFans in Tandem with Other Social Media Platforms

Being an influencer or a digital content creator requires you to be multi-active. The statistics show that influencers generate revenue through a variety of sources, from sponsored content and free products to crowdfunding and subscription sites. OnlyFans is just one tool in your influencer toolkit and just because your OnlyFans is thriving it doesn’t mean you should let your other platforms slip. After all, it is usually easier to earn money on OnlyFans if you have built up a healthy following elsewhere, so you probably have your Instagram or Twitter activities to thank for your income on OnlyFans in the first place. In the spirit of not putting all of your eggs in one basket, here are some tips on using OnlyFans in tandem with other social media platforms. 

Twitter Intergration

If you’re active on Twitter, why not take advantage of the option to integrate your Twitter and OnlyFans accounts? If your account is linked, then every time you post on OnlyFans you will have the option to share that post on Twitter as well. Just click the Twitter button in the right-hand corner of the composer to turn it on when you post. Although Twitter followers who aren’t subscribed to you on OnlyFans won’t be able to see the visual content (just the written part of the post), it provides content for your Twitter and reminds your followers there that you’re active on OnlyFans.

You should cross-post mindfully, however, which we’ll explain next. 

Twitter OnlyFans

Repurposing Content

Of course, you shouldn’t use the exact same content on your OnlyFans as on your Twitter and Instagram. After all, your subscribers on OnlyFans are paying for your content (unless you have set your price as free), and why would they do that if they could get the same thing for free elsewhere? Whilst doing completely different content for OnlyFans is a valid strategy, you can save time by repurposing the same content for multiple platforms. For example, you could create a full length video and post it on OnlyFans. Then post a short teaser version on Twitter and Instagram, linking it to your OnlyFans. This not only is time efficient, but it creates a sense of FOMO for the people who are only following you on your free socials.

Know your audience on each platform

Although repurposing content can be very effective, you need to be strategic in how you do it. Ultimately, a smart digital content strategy relies on knowing the strengths of each platform and the needs of the audience on that platform. For example, a caption that works well is on Instagram could be wordy on Twitter, where short, clever language is the order of the day. Chances are, a slightly different demographic follow you on each platform as well. Audiences on Instagram tend to be young and female, for instance, and you can check the demographics of your own accounts in your analytics. 

Unless you have set your subscription price for free, your subscribers on OnlyFans are paying for your content. This means they are likely to be more dedicated fans than your followers on your free platforms and interested in interacting with you as an individual as well as consuming your content. By and large, superfans want exclusivity and interaction with their creator. A key strength of the OnlyFans platform is interaction, with features like send-to-all messaging making it easy to connect with your subscribers. 

It’s not surprising, then, that many creators designate OnlyFans as the place where they promise to reply to all of their DMs. In fact, this was a top tip in our blog post, “How to earn more on OnlyFans,” in which we picked the brains of thriving OnlyFans creators. We usually see between 1% and 5% of a creators’ Instagram followers subscribing to their OnlyFans account, making replying to every message a far more achievable goal than on other platforms. And, because these are paid subscribers, you know that these are fans worth spending your time interacting with. 

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