• using onlyfans for extreme sports

Using OnlyFans for Extreme Sports

If it can wow fans in person it can wow fans online. With lockdown bringing a stop to shows and competitions worldwide, extreme sports athletes are looking for new spaces to perform for their followers, and some are finding OnlyFans. Athletes, artists and musicians have already made the jump to social media, maybe it’s time for creators in the extreme sports community to follow suit.

On OnlyFans, you are able to post your sports content and earn money from it. Here’s how extreme sports athletes can use the different features offered on the platform to earn from exclusive, never before seen content.

How Extreme Sports Athletes Can Use OnlyFans

Let’s take a quick look at some types of content that can be posted on OnlyFans by extreme sports creators.

Tutorials for Beginners

As with any skill or talent, having someone to teach you will always make it easier. With the high level of skill and specialist equipment involved in extreme sports, guidance is especially important. Offer your fans the opportunity to gain some knowledge from you, like how to learn a new trick, use some gear, or just how to get started in the sport.

Competition Highlights

If you have recently taken part in a competition, you can utilise your own online space to present this to your fans. Obviously, when you have a global fanbase, not everyone will be able to catch your events live. Social media allows you to repost your personal highlights somewhere for all of your fans to view and stay connected with your career.

Training Highlights

Your fans will not just be interested in the finished product, they will also want to see the work that you put in to reach the top level. Training videos have proven very popular amongst athletic OnlyFans creators.

Pierre Linckenheld extreme sports

Professional snowboarder and freeboarder Pierre Linckenheld is an example of an extreme sports athlete who has brought his talents to OnlyFans. Check out Pierre’s OnlyFans for videos of him showcasing skills against the beautiful background of the Swiss Alps.

“I’m a pro freeboarder and snowboarder making epic videos. I ride the streets on my freeboard and explore the best roads and spots everywhere I go!” Pierre Linckenheld

How You Can Monetise Your Content On OnlyFans

With most social media platforms, you are able to post the content your fans want to see, but monetary gains can be minimal. However, through OnlyFans, you will be able to create a steady stream of income from your content.

There are many options on OnlyFans that allow you to earn from your content as an extreme sports athlete. To start with, all content will be hidden behind a paywall, unless you choose to have a free OnlyFans account.

Along with an initial subscription price, you will be able to further monetise your exclusive content, such as utilising the PPV messaging feature to share even more of your content with your fans. This will offer die-hard fans a more personal experience by giving them access to pieces of footage you don’t want to be posting elsewhere.

Like fans of any actor, artist or model, fans of extreme sports athletes are craving exclusive and never before seen content. If you’re an athlete who wants to cash in on the demand, try signing up to OnlyFans to see what monetising your content can do for you. 

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