• using onlyfans alongside other crowdfunding platforms

Using OnlyFans Alongside Other Crowdfunding Platforms

Last month on the blog, we discussed whether or not OnlyFans is a crowdfunding site. Though OnlyFans is considered crowdfunding under broad definitions, it works very differently to sites like Kickstarter and GoFundMe. Because of this, you don’t need to choose between OnlyFans and Kickstarter: you can do both. Here are some tips on using OnlyFans alongside other crowdfunding platforms.

Reward-based crowdfunding

OnlyFans is a subscription site where content creators monetise their influence. Creators set their monthly subscription price and, in return, people can see all of the content they post. In this way, OnlyFans can be considered reward-based crowdfunding. This is a type of crowdfunding where people donate in return for some kind of reward.

The OnlyFans model is perfect for loyal fans who want to support you long term by paying a little each month. However, not all fans want to support you all the time, they may only be interested in your bigger projects.

If you’re creating a significant product such as an album, a film or a book, that’s where platforms like Kickstarter become useful. People who fund your Kickstarter usually do so because they want the product or rewards in question. They might not be interested in supporting you regularly on your OnlyFans and that’s fine. But, if you’ve cultivated relationships with the superfans on your OnlyFans they may be interested in donating to your Kickstarter as well! You can tell your subscribers about your Kickstarter on OnlyFans using streams, messaging or even by putting the link in your bio.

Donation based crowdfunding

Of course, there is more to crowdfunding than making products. Donation-based crowdfunding can be used for philanthropic and personal causes and there may not always be a tangible reward for backers. Go Fund Me is a popular platform for donation-based crowdfunding. One-third of donations on the site are for medical expenses, but GoFundMe has also become known for ‘I Want’ crowdfunding, with users requesting funds for Airpods, designer bags and even their cat’s gap year.

Asking for money can feel embarrassing, and stories like this don’t help. But as someone who regularly produces quality content for their fanbase, you have the legitimacy to make a donation-based crowdfunding campaign for anything that could help your content. If you’re a model or a photographer you could ask for a new camera or lighting equipment. If you’re a musician you could ask for a new instrument. We know that a key reason fans subscribe to OnlyFans accounts is that they genuinely want to support their favourite creators. Your fans are invested in your content so they choose to invest in you, even if they don’t get a tangible product.

As creator-fan relationships on OnlyFans tend to be deep and loyal, your OnlyFans is a great place to find donors for donation-based crowdfunding. You can do donation-based crowdfunding within OnlyFans through tipping features. If you are crowdfunding for larger amounts or for something specific you might want to try an external platform. GoFundMe or similar platforms work well and you can use your OnlyFans to spread the word. 

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