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How to Use OnlyFans for Wellness

Sometimes it can be more difficult to maintain optimum mental and physical health during the winter months and so life coaches, personal trainers, and wellness practitioners of all kinds are even more important. Many wellness professionals practise online, and OnlyFans has seen new wellness creators join the platform in 2020, as part of the shift to digital due to the coronavirus pandemic. If you are a wellness creator looking to practise online, here’s how to use OnlyFans for wellness, making good money and advancing your career in the process. 

Putting your content behind a paywall

Your wellness tips and videos are valuable so why not monetise them? Chances are that a proportion of your viewers on free platforms such as Instagram or YouTube are willing to pay for more content.

On OnlyFans, you can set a monthly subscription price that users have to pay to see your exclusive content. Keep posting wellness content on free platforms, but let your followers know that if they are willing to pay they can get even more from you. If even a small proportion of your followers sign up, you could earn more for what you’re already doing.

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One-to-one consultations

Wellness can be very personal and on some platforms, the needs of the individual can be buried amongst hordes of messages and comments.

OnlyFans has the tools you need to give paid one-on-one consultations online. In direct messages on OnlyFans, you can chat to fans using a variety of media such as voice notes, images and videos. Your fans can pay you for the consultation by tipping you via message, or you can attach a pay-per-view message in which subscribers have to pay to unlock the content you send – perfect for an in-depth wellness video addressing the user’s individual needs.

Check out this blog post to find out how to use pay-per-view messages like a pro.

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Paid wellness talks

Earlier we discussed how, for some wellness creators, the best strategy is to put all of their OnlyFans content behind a paywall by setting a subscription price. Other wellness creators might want to keep their OnlyFans account free to subscribe, but offer extra content and interaction to fans who are willing to pay for more.

One useful feature for wellness creators is the paid stream, which is only available to free OnlyFans accounts. If you’re planning to give a first-rate wellness seminar, you can set a price that fans must pay to join your stream when you Go Live on OnlyFans ($5 or more). This is perfect for when you really want to go in-depth and give your fans your full attention. They will be paying a bit extra to learn from you and interact with you in real-time.

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Collaborate with other wellness creators

Wellness is a broad church and practitioners have a variety of skill-sets and opinions. If you’re a yoga teacher, why not hold a discussion with a dietitian or a mental health creator and stream it to your fans?

OnlyFans has the option to co-stream with a fellow creator, which is perfect for a discussion on a wellness topic of your choice. Collaborating in this way will introduce your account to your collaborator’s audience and vice versa, and your fans will appreciate the opportunity to learn something new while still interacting with you. Plus, it’s always interesting to chat with a colleague about your craft!

Using OnlyFans for Wellness

Wellness creators, how do you use OnlyFans? Have you thought of a creative strategy we haven’t mentioned here? Or maybe you subscribe to a wellness creator on OnlyFans and want to share your thoughts? Let us know in the comments section below!

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