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Three Ways You Can Use Lists on OnlyFans

On OnlyFans you have the option of sorting your followers into lists. If you’re not sure why you should do so, learning a bit more about the ways you can use lists on OnlyFans may enlighten you. These techniques can help you streamline your content process, strengthen your relationship with your fans, promote your friends, and protect your privacy.

use lists on OnlyFans

How to manage your lists on OnlyFans

Before you can learn the benefits of lists, you need to understand how they work. To manage your lists, click on your profile picture. The ‘Lists’ option comes between ‘Vault’ and ‘Settings.’ On this page, you can add and remove accounts from lists, as well as create custom lists.

Another way to add an account to a list is to access the user’s profile directly. The star icon to the right of their name will allow you to add the profile to favorites or other lists. Now you know how to manage your lists, let’s look at three ways you can use lists on OnlyFans.

1) Choose who you can send your messages to

One of the most helpful functions of lists is using them to tailor your direct messages. OnlyFans offers creators a lot of options when it comes to messaging. You can reach all your fans at once, or speak to one fan individually. If you want a midpoint between these two, that’s where lists come in.

After composing a message, you can choose to send it only to subscribers in a particular list. This can be really useful for creators who post more than one kind of content. For example, say you’re a model and a personal trainer. Chances are, some of your fans subscribe primarily for your modeling content. Some fans show primarily for your fitness content. Once you’ve identified who likes what, you could make two lists: ‘Fitness Fans’ and ‘Modeling Fans.’  Then, when you have some really great modeling content, you can send it as a pay-per-view message to ‘Modeling Fans’ without filling up the inboxes of your ‘Fitness Fans’.

Some creators also make a VIP list of superfans who have tipped big, or who consistently interact with posts. To reward and maintain this loyalty you could send content to your VIP list that your regular subscribers don’t get to see.

2) Promote your friends

The world is a kinder place when people collaborate, don’t you think? On OnlyFans, you can display your friends list as a column on your profile page. This means that your followers will be able to see your friends and maybe want to check out their profiles too. This can be a great way for creators to find new fans and fans to find new creators they might be interested in.

co-streaming requests

3) Choose who can co-stream with you

Co-streaming on OnlyFans allows creators to Go Live with another creator. Depending on your comfort level, you may wish to keep the ability to request to co-stream with you among your friends. On OnlyFans, you have the opportunity to allow co-streaming requests from nobody, mutual friends, or any subscribers. You can change who you allow co-stream requests from in Settings > Security.

Of course, there are other creative ways you can use lists on OnlyFans. If you’ve thought of a great one, feel free to let us know in the comments!

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