Top OFTV Moments In March 2022

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April 1, 2022

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March has come to an end and it’s been another incredible month on OFTV! If you’re wondering, “What is OFTV?” No problem! It’s our totally awesome and totally free content app that you can download here. This year, we’re kicking OFTV up several notches with a growing slate of exciting new shows. While you’re at it, take a look at our favorite OFTV moments from last month. With that out of the way, here are the top OFTV you may have missed in March 2022:

Shiaswordgirl Shares the Real History of St. Patrick’s Day

If you take less than four minutes out of your day to watch this hilarious Shiaswordgirl video, you’ll get a lot more than a few facts about St. Patrick’s Day. Along with information, you’ll get jokes about the Shamrock Shake; along with research, you’ll get classic memes.

Shiaswordgirl’s videos are chock full of useful information that she presents in her signature comedically chaotic way. It seems she decided to go full fever dream for St. Patrick’s Day and we can’t think of a better tribute to the beloved March 2022 holiday.

Quote of the episode:

“Leprechauns are my favorite animal.”

Check out History of St. Patrick’s Day on OFTV.

Surfer Girl Flies Over Hood River

It’s no surprise that Surfer Girl, aka Claire, knows her way around the ocean’s waves on a surfboard. But it’s not every day that you get to see an experienced surfer leap out of the water and carve through the river on an e-foil board.

But that’s exactly what Claire does in Hood River, Oregon. This meditative five-minute video will leave you feeling both impressed and relaxed. The music, visuals, and talent on screen come together in a truly mesmerizing way.

Check out E-Foil Adventure on OFTV.

Train With Tay Takes Us to Aldi

Since coming to OnlyFans last summer, Tay has helped her fans reach their fitness goals through proper nutrition and exercise. Her subscribers have another thing to appreciate about Tay: she knows you don’t have to be made of money to prepare well-balanced meals.

In fact, Tay can show you how you can feed yourself delicious and nutritious food for a week with just one $84 trip to Aldi. Steaks, sausages, ground turkey, chicken thighs, risotto, pasta, fruits and veggies…they’re all on the menu. Just make sure you bring a quarter for the Aldi shopping cart.

Quote of the episode:

“Balling on a budget.”

Watch Healthy Aldi Grocery Haul on OFTV.

Reminder: Please Don’t Eat the Soap

The creations that come out of Wren’s kitchen laboratory always look so delicious that they’ll make your mouth water. Problem is, you can’t eat them. Don’t let the almonds, butter, and mango oil fool you. Wren’s a chemist, not a baker, and she makes soap.

In her newest episode, Soap Frosting! Wren whips up a delicious batch of birthday cake soap, complete with soap sprinkles and pillowy layer of soapy frosting. If you’re just now realizing that you’ve been missing out on soap frosting your whole life, Wren will show you how to fix that.

Quote of the episode:

*squish* sound effect @ 5:48

Soap Frosting! is streaming now on OFTV.

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