Top OFTV Moments You May Have Missed in February 2022

We’re only two months into 2022, and we can already tell it’s going to be a magical year for OFTV. We’re adding even more exciting content, more exciting shows, more excitement in general to the OFTV lineup every week. So if you haven’t downloaded the OFTV app yet, what are you waiting for? It’s totally awesome and totally free. And just in case you haven’t tuned in yet, we’re counting down the top 5 OFTV moments you may have missed in February 2022:

Casey Boonstra and Stefanie Gurzanski Rage Out

Casey Boonstra has a pretty sweet job hosting OFTV’s In Real Life series. That’s because she gets to travel the world going on action-packed adventures with some of OnlyFans’ most interesting creators. But when she met up with Vogue cover model Stefanie Gurzanski to blow off some steam after launching Baby G Magazine, we couldn’t believe the havoc these two pals wrought in a Beverly Hills rage room.

Armed with sledgehammers, crowbars, and safety gear, Casey and Stefanie smash everything they can get their hands on: bottles, chairs, toasters, printers, you name it. And that’s just them warming up. Next, they channel their inner-Beyoncés and smash up an entire car like it was the Hold Up video. Just watching them is a great stress reliever. 

Quote of the episode:

“Are you ready to rage?” -Casey

Check out In Real Life with Stefanie Gurzanski on OFTV.

Quote of the episode:

“Oh I’m faking it? I’ve got to fake it for publicity? *****, I am publicity!” -Natalie

Watch Baddies ATL: Reunited And It Feels So… BAD on OFTV.

Baddies ATL Drops on OFTV

Can’t get enough of your favorites from The Bad Girls Club? You’re in luck! We’ve teamed up with The Zeus Network to bring the first season of Baddies ATL to OFTV. It’s the perfect opportunity to catch up with the original bad girls of reality TV: Judi Jai, Meghan James, Janelle Shanks, Natalie Nunn, Sarah Oliver, Christina Salgado, Seven Craft, and Sidney Star, as they take on Atlanta (and settle old beefs). 

In the explosive first episode, Reunited And It Feels So… BAD, the baddies settle into their palatial new Atlanta home. Things quickly go south after a group photoshoot when besties-turned-enemies Natalie and Tenisha finally have it out after months of behind-the-scenes drama. They seem to have patched up their relationship for now, but there’s still nine more episodes left in the first season.

@beatsbylex Stars in a Drew The Kiiid Music Video

OFTV’s very own beat producer extraordinaire, @beatsbylex, steps out from behind the keyboard and in front of the camera to star in Chicago rapper Drew The Kiiid’s newest music video. Since its late-January release, comma$utra has racked up tens of thousands of views on YouTube alone, and the song continues to make waves across the internet.

Despite the gritty and true-to-life tone of the video, Lex shines as the character “Gold Digger”. Her subtle performance as she robs Drew The Kiiid’s house in the early hours of the morning would be just as at home in an indie movie. It makes us wonder, what can’t Lex do?

Check out the comma$utra music video on OFTV.     

Quote of the episode:

“You’re what’s wrong with America!” -Jack G. to Harry

Tap In With Harry Jowsey is streaming now on OFTV.

Harry Jowsey x The Parental Advisory Guys

What happens when Harry Jowsey, everyone’s favorite Aussie from Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle, sits down with the guys from the Parental Advisory podcast? You get great conversation, hilarious moments, and at least two guys with their shirts off. On the newest episode of his Tap In podcast, Harry catches up with Jack Gilinsky, Jack Johnson, Sammy Wilk, and Brant Carter to talk about their trip to Miami, the music business, personal growth, and more.

Individually, these five guys have made major inroads in the worlds of comedy, music, acting, and modeling. They’ve got a lot of insights on what it takes to grow an online following, how to manage that following, and the future of influencer culture. So whether you’re looking for career advice or just to laugh, make sure you tune in.

Boohouse Plays Debuts with a Scream

OnlyFans creator Jasmine Roper (aka Jazzie Boohouse) certainly isn’t the first to make “Let’s Play”-style video game content. But after watching the first episode of her OFTV series Boohouse Plays, she’s already become one of our all-time favorite OnlyFans gamers. She’s fearless, she’s hilarious, and her reactions are priceless. It feels a lot like hanging out and playing video games with an old friend. 

In the first episode of Boohouse Plays, Jazzie plays through the first stressful minutes of Black Rose. Described as a first-person survival horror game, Black Rose takes an unsuspecting Jazzie through an abandoned funeral home. Only a couple minutes in, she comes face to face with a demon. From that point forward, it’s an endless string of screams and jump scares until Jazzie decides she’s had enough. The game is legitimately terrifying, and we’re glad Jazzie plays it so we don’t have to.     

Quote of the episode:

“Keep that b**** in the basement!”

Watch Boohouse Plays: Black Rose on OFTV.

What are you currently binge-watching on OFTV? Let us know below! 

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