There’s a Catch: Mallorca Recap

By OFTV Editor

January 18, 2024

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You’ve probably heard the expression, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” How about a free, all-inclusive trip to Mallorca? That’s exactly what six OnlyFans creators think they signed for: an all-expenses-paid luxe island vacation where they can lounge poolside at their villa and create content. But like most “free” things, this trip came with a huge catch. In order to keep their posh accommodations, they’ll have to learn the ropes from the locals and earn their keep by working on traditional Mallorcan fishing boats. Read on for our There’s a Catch: Mallorca recap.

Warning: spoilers ahead.

E1: Fish Out of Water

Aired: January 18, 2024 | Watch on OFTV

Five influencers embark on a content trip to Mallorca to show off their lives as OnlyFans creators. Whitney Hughes arrives first to a stunning luxury villa with jaw-dropping views. Shortly after, Rebecca Gormley and Alice Maria arrive.

Tensions quickly rise when the last two housemates, Lady Ice and Vitaliya Dias, arrive and learn they must share the smallest room in the villa.

At least the ladies have something to look forward to that night… Vitaliya’s friend Sarah Joelle has invited them over for a house party in their honor.

That night, the housemates arrive at the house party and instantly Vitaliya and Alice peel away to flirt with a couple of guys. As the party starts ramping up, Alice’s friend Natty Zach (who’s been staying elsewhere in Mallorca) drops by.

The party goes late, and upon returning to the villa, the housemates find a card revealing a huge catch:

In order to maintain their luxurious villa lifestyle, they must work as deckhands on a traditional Mallorcan fishing boat.

Exhausted, confused, and with only half an hour to prepare, they swap their party clothes for overalls, and report to the docks by 4:30am.

At the dock, the women meet Toni, the owner of the fishing vessel, and Jaume, their captain.

Scared out of their minds, the new deckhands don life vests and prepare to head out into the rough waters.

Suddenly, a thunderstorm hits, and their terror intensifies. Captain Jaume assures them the weather will pass, but Rebecca calls the situation what it is: a nightmare.

As Toni and Jaume lower the nets for the catch, Vitaliya reveals that the storm will last four miserable hours before succumbing to seasickness.

What will they sail into next?

E2: Lost at Sea

Aired: January 18, 2024 | Watch on OFTV

The new deckhands wake up the next morning to find a beautiful sunrise waiting for them. But despite calm seas, danger still looms around them.

After pulling up the nets, they sort through the catch. It’s gruesome work, but the deckhands can’t help but be amazed by the ocean’s beauty (especially the dolphins).

The serenity is short-lived, however, when the crew warns of rougher seas for the rest of the day.

And after a long and choppy day at sea, they finally return to port at 5pm and go for a well-deserved drink.

While exercising the next morning, Rebecca and Whitney strategize ways to get out of working with Toni and Jaume.

But they ultimately decide to comply– after all, it’s the only way they can stay in their villa. Plus, according to Vitaliya, they already survived the worst storm of the year.

Then, out of nowhere, Natty (Alice’s friend) appears and asks to move into their villa. But despite concerns about limited space (from Whitney), they ultimately agree to host Natty.

That’s when Natty suggests renting a superyacht to fish, adding a luxe twist to their new working arrangement.

Unfortunately, without a boating license, the ladies can only get their hands on a much smaller vessel.

And, after attempting to catch fish using candy worms as bait with no success, the aspiring fisherwomen are faced with a whole new challenge: their rental boat won’t start.

Now stranded without supplies or cell service, the panic really begins to set in. But miraculously, a passing fisherwoman named Olga comes to their aid.

The boat issue? Alice forgot to insert the key.

To show their appreciation, the amateur boaters agree to help Olga fish bright and early the next morning.

E3: A Can of Worms

Aired: January 18, 2024 | Watch on OFTV

The next morning, Rebecca and Alice wake up late and discover their housemates have already left the villa to fish with Olga. Alice is annoyed that no one woke them up.

By the time Rebecca and Alice make it to the pier, Olga’s boat has already departed. They have literally missed the boat.

As punishment for being late, Alice and Rebecca are given the task of fixing the torn nets. Instead, they decide to play volleyball then leave the port before Olga’s boat returns.

They meet up with Natty on the beach, who has been spending the morning paddleboarding with muscular men.

Meanwhile, back on the boat, the ladies who woke up on time are hard at work. They’ve even managed to catch a dangerous manta ray.

It’s clear they’re forming a strong bond with Olga, who they respect for navigating a male-dominated field as a fisher.

But after a busy day at sea, they don’t see Alice, Rebecca, or mended fishing nets when they return to port. Meaning, Whitney, Lady Ice, and Vitaliya will have to classify and store the fish they’ve caught with Olga by themselves.

While they labor on the boat, Alice and Rebecca frolic on paddle boards at the beach. Olga reminds the girls that they are expected to return the next day to help sell the fish.

After a fun beach day, Rebecca, Alice, and Natty return to the villa to find the other girls waiting. And they are mad.

Lady Ice kicks off the confrontation. Not only did Rebecca and Alice sleep through their shift and blow off their chores, they also had the nerve to post about it on Instagram.

The girls take turns calling out each others’ bad behavior during their short time in Mallorca. And the fact that Rebecca and Alice are are both quite tipsy frustrates their housemates even more.

Lady Ice, Vitaliya, and Whitney storm off leaving Rebecca, Alice, and Natty to brainstorm ways to fix the situation.

E4: Reel Big Problems

Aired: January 18, 2024 | Watch on OFTV

The next morning, Rebecca and Alice’s sincere apologies for skipping out on fishing with Olga are accepted.

After toasting their rekindled friendship, the entire crew arrives at the fish market to sell the catch from Olga’s boat.

And as payback, Rebecca and Alice get the most nauseating job of all… processing the fish. Even from a distance, Whitney’s stomach is absolutely wrecked by the smell.

Fortunately, the fish sell quickly. Natty and Sarah swing by and arrange to meet up with everyone after work.

The day ends with high praise from Olga for the girls’ hard work. Sarah arranges a boat cruise with her friend Ben, who teaches them how to pilot a yacht…finally!

After a tense 24 hours of hard work and interpersonal drama, the housemates let loose and take turns playing captain.

As evening falls, they all hit the club with Natty and Sarah for even more dancing and shots. While the others are dancing, Rebecca texts the guys she and Alice played hooky with inviting them to join her at the club.

Vitaliya and Lady Ice are not happy when the guys turn up. They quickly confront Rebecca about inviting the men.

The confrontation reaches a head when Vitaliya tosses her drink at Rebecca. She believes that Rebecca and Alice should face consequences for their actions.

And back at the villa, it seems Vitaliya’s wish is coming true.

After a long night, the exhausted housemates return to find the gate to their villa locked.

On it, a letter informing them that they won’t be allowed back in their villa for 24 hours, all thanks to Rebecca and Alice’s tardiness. Now they’ll have to report to the dock and await further instructions about their futures in Mallorca.

Hope the beach day was worth it, Rebecca and Alice.

E5: Absolutely Gutted

Aired: January 18, 2024 | Watch on OFTV

Almost instantly, the exhausted housemates realize they must spend the evening sleeping on Toni and Jaume’s less-than-luxurious fishing boat.

Hours later, Lady Ice wakes the girls in a panic when she realizes they are in the middle of the Balearic Sea. They’re in for another long day of fishing work.

While the crew reels in nets full of fish, the deckhands begin cleaning the catch. At one point, Whitney accidentally tosses calamari onto Alice, who has a fish allergy.

Finally allowed back into the villa, the housemates get ready for a nice dinner with Olga. But as they get ready, Natty spots something wrong with Alice.

Alice realizes she is having an allergic reaction to the calamari Whitney threw at her. As Alice’s lips continue to swell, she asks the There’s A CatchMallorca camera crew to stop filming her.

When the cameras begin rolling again, Natty tells the rest of the housemates that Alice will need to leave the show to recover. There’s now an open spot on the ladies’ fishing crew.

Whitney asks Natty to join them, and she agrees.

After Alice’s departure, Olga and her family welcome the housemates for a traditional Mallorcan feast. During dinner, Olga shares the highs and lows of life as a fisherwoman.

The housemates are all inspired by Olga’s tenacity.

Olga’s husband tells them how important technology is in fishing, a point Rebecca relates to as a content creator.

Olga blows their minds even more when she reveals that she runs her own Instagram account. The ladies can’t help but spring into action, thinking of ways to use their social media expertise to help Olga.

E6: Catch of the Day

Aired: January 18, 2024 | Watch on OFTV

Sarah Joelle has arranged for the ladies to go tuna fishing, so the housemates arrive at the dock and meet Vince, the captain, and Oliver, his first mate.

While fishing for live bait with Oliver, Rebecca can’t stop herself from flirting with the handsome first mate as they giggle and overcome some miscommunication.

Before casting their first line, Vince kisses the bait for good luck. Rebecca joins in, making a point to mention to Vince that it’s “the most action [she’s] gotten in months”.

But as the hours go by, there still isn’t tuna in sight.

During the downtime, Captain Vince discusses how he’s grateful to be a fisherman, to be surrounded by beautiful scenery, and only catching fish for scientific reasons.

Rebecca continues to flirt with Oliver on the bow, and despite the language barrier, he eventually asks her out.

Unfortunately, Rebecca’s date is the only “catch” that day. Captain Vince breaks the news that after catching no tuna, he’s throwing in the towel.

But the ladies do accept an invitation to come back another day to try reeling in a tuna.

The next morning, the ladies decide to create a calendar featuring local fishermen as a way to help promote Olga’s boat, and the entire Mallorcan fishing community.

Rebecca and Vitaliya set up Olga’s warehouse, while Whitney, Natty, and Lady Ice recruit their male models.

The photoshoot is a smashing success–even Olga strikes a pose! It’s a celebration of Mallorcan culture, incorporating festivals and seasons to honor all aspects of the region’s cherished fishing tradition.

After a rough start, it’s really looking like the housemates are finally learning to love being fishers.

E7: Cutting Ties

Aired: January 18, 2024 | Watch on OFTV

Early the next day, Natty, Whitney, and Rebecca meet Vince for another attempt at tuna fishing. But to Rebecca’s dismay, Oliver is nowhere to be found.

Sadly, it seems their love has been lost at sea.

Meanwhile, back at the villa, Vitaliya and Lady Ice make sangria and fideuà. They also give a heartfelt salute to Olga, all her hard work, and the lessons they’ve learned from her.

On the boat, Whitney, Rebecca, and Natty reflect on the lessons they’ve learned. Rebecca acknowledges her personal growth and realizes it’s okay to cry.

Unfortunately, the fishing crew hasn’t been having any luck (again) catching tuna. That is, until Vince suddenly spots an 80kg one on the radar!

They manage to hook the tuna, leaving Whitney to reel it in. It takes all her strength to keep the fish on the line, but ultimately Whitney manages to get it in the boat.

It’s cause for celebration, and the ladies take turns taking photos with the tuna (they are content creators, after all).

After Whitney gives the tuna a goodbye kiss, Rebecca vows to no longer judge guys for posing with fish on social media.

Following their long day of fishing, the fishing crew return to the villa and are greeted with Vitaliya and Lady Ice’s feast.

Later, the housemates FaceTime Alice, who has recovered from her allergic reaction, and toast to the incredible trip.

And though this trip to Mallorca was filled with queasy, frustrating, disgusting, and downright hellish moments, the housemates all agree it was a rewarding experience.

After making one final toast to adventure, fearlessness, and living life to the fullest, the deckhands’ shift has ended.

For now.

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