• The Power of Superfans

The Power of Superfans

What is a Superfan?

In short, superfans are the die-hards. They love you and your work and they show up for you again, and again.

You’ve probably heard of the Parento principle or the 80/20 rule. In business, this translates as 20% of your customers driving up to 80% of your business. For content creators, this 20% are your superfans. In 2008, Kevin Kelly, the founding editor of Wired, wrote an article caled 1000 True Fans. Kelly’s thesis was that you don’t need millions of fans to be a successful creator, just 1000 true fans. He defined a true fan as someone who will buy everything you produce.

Since then, the concept of superfans has gained in popularity and has been embraced by brands and creators alike. In today’s digital climate, as well as buying products, superfans could support their favourite creators by consuming their content and engaging on multiple social media standards. Superfans also often pledge to crowdfunding campaigns on platforms like Kickstarter or sign up for subscription services like OnlyFans.

Benefits of Superfans

Every kind of fan has value, from the person who retweeted you that one time, to the most loyal of superfans. But, particularly for independent content creators, superfans bring something special to the table, which is why you should be consolidating these relationships.

One key benefit of superfans is that they will evangelise for you. They’re so in love with what you do that they will recommend you to their friends and followers. Word of mouth marketing is so powerful, especially today when we are oversaturated with ads every time we go online. Customer reviews are 12 times more trusted than direct marketing and this goes for content creation too. You’re probably more likely to listen to an artist recommended by your friend who has fab taste in music, rather than click on a random ad, right?

Another wonderful thing about superfans is that they are the ones who support you offline. A report on music fans by ticketing company Eventbrite revealed that superfans attend 10+ gigs of their favourite artists per year. After they attend a gig, 63% of them immediately start looking for the next event. These are the people who will be there for you again, and again, attending your events and buying your products.  

Superfans on OnlyFans

At OnlyFans, we’re interested in making the most of the 20%. It is the superfans who will subscribe to your OnlyFans to support you at the next level. Our service is designed not only so you can make money from their support, but also to allow you to consolidate these relationships. Most of our top creators are those who use OnlyFans to connect and communicate with these subscribers, making the most of features such as streams and messaging. Another key thing is exclusivity. Your OnlyFans subscribers love that they have access to content that only they get to see (the clue is the only in OnlyFans). 

Ultimately, some fans want to connect superficially but others are willing to go the extra mile. Superfans deserve extra attention and there is a lot to be gained from nurturing these relationships.

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