• The OnlyFans way to make your influence pay

The OnlyFans way to make your influence pay

Social media is evolving at breakneck speed and, with it, the power of influencers increases. Brands are increasingly tapping into the power that content creators have over the opinions and purchasing habits of their fans and followers. The 2019 Influencer Marketing Report shows how influencer marketing continues to grow and how a whopping 92% of marketers consider it an effective form of marketing. But collaborations with brands and marketing agencies is not the only way influencers can make their influence pay.

Social media influence has another critical dimension that conventional marketing doesn’t ‘naturally’ have – third party influence. The reason brands gravitate to PR as a more ‘genuine’ form of marketing influence, and that editorial coverage has always been highly prized and deemed more valuable and effective than advertising, is simply third party endorsement. Brand advertising is considered less influential and less convincing than a credible journalist extolling the virtues of the latest gadget, beauty product or fitness gear. That’s because their opinion matters and crucially, it’s impartial and objective. Readers are influenced because the journalist or media outlet has earned the trust and respect of their audience.

Social media influence = PR effect + marketing influence

The principle of earned media is the same for social media. Social media influencers are, in reality, peer-to-peer journalists. They have earned the trust and loyalty of fans and followers. In fact, the power of social media influence is just about the perfect marketing scenario. It combines PR effect with marketing influence. In other words, you have the impartiality that makes a more convincing message, combined with a tangible commercial impact.

So, as a social media content creator, you have worked hard to gain genuine fans and followers. You know you have the power to influence and you know your fans value your content. But whilst YouTube has given rise to content creators who make millions, converting your Instagram and Twitter content into income is much trickier. Of course, you can earn from endorsements and brand advocacy, but what about your everyday content? What about the content that earned you fans in the first place?

Understand why your fans are your fans

Your fans love what you do and they trust your opinion. This is where OnlyFans comes in. We created OnlyFans because we recognise how much your fans value your content. OnlyFans enables you to create exclusive ‘fan only’ content which your fans will pay a small subscription to access. Adding this dimension to your social mix enables you to create exclusives and added-value content for subscribers. Also, it enhances your fan relationships and enables you to generate substantial income from the quality content you work so hard to create.

OnlyFans creators make their influence pay

To make your content pay, you continue to meet the expectations of your fans for free content. But, by understanding where your true value and influence are, you simply reserve some content for subscribers. Or you maintain your current content approach and take your content further by creating new or extended content that people will be prepared to pay a little to access. This is how OnlyFans creators make their influence pay.

For example, if you’re a fitness expert, you may post workout routines or fitness tips. Extending your content to offer more in-depth workouts is something you deserve to earn from. Why give all of your expertise for free? Makeup or beauty influencers give tips and techniques for free. But, more extensive tutorials are something your fans would value enough to pay a little for. Right?

The reality is this. For the majority of your fans, nothing will change; they’ll continue to enjoy your content as it is on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. But if just 1% of your fans take a subscription, your content could generate between £1,000 and
£5,025 per month*. You create great content anyway and your fans love it, so why deny yourself the chance to get paid for it?

Unlock The Power Of Your Influence
Now’s the time to recognise you have influence and look at how to make it pay, so check out our website and see how much you could earn from your content today. Visit https://onlyfans.com/how/

* Earning potential illustrated based on 10,000 fans with 1% subscribing at £10 per month. A lower or higher subscription value can be set and incomes will vary up or down as a result.

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