• Should I Make My OnlyFans Account Free?

Should I Make My OnlyFans Account Free?

“Should I make my OnlyFans account free?” It’s a question as old as time– or at least as old as OnlyFans is. The truth is, there are plenty of unique benefits and possibilities to both free and paid creator accounts on OnlyFans. Ultimately, how you choose to monetize your OnlyFans content is up to you. Here are some important things to consider if you’re interested in starting a free OnlyFans account!

Free Accounts Gain Followers More Quickly

Free accounts often have many more total subscribers than paid accounts. The reasoning is pretty obvious– after all, we’ve all taken free samples of things we’d never pay for. 

Similarly, if someone doesn’t have to pay to subscribe to your OnlyFans page, then why wouldn’t they subscribe? Creators looking for rapid subscriber growth, or creators with smaller followings looking to attract as many new fans as possible may want to seriously consider opening a free account.

Free Accounts Get More Pay-Per-View Opportunities

PPV Messages: Pay-Per-View (PPV) messages are exactly that: messages your fans must pay to unlock. You can attach any kind of content you’d like to them: photos, videos, and even audio messages. PPV messages tend to be great earners for creators with both free and paid accounts.

PPV Posts: You can make some of your most exclusive content available to subscribers only after they’ve paid for it.  Unlike PPV messages, PPV posts are only offered to free accounts! 

PPV Streams: Another feature exclusive to free accounts, you can think of PPV Streams (sometimes called  “Payment Gated Streams”) like selling tickets to a live event.

With a free OnlyFans account, your fans can tip your stream, or you can set up a payment-gated stream and set a “ticket price” so that your fans can pay to view your live video in real-time.

There’s so much to explore when it comes to PPV content! Ready to dive in? Check out How To Use PPVs Like A Pro

Don’t Underestimate The Tipping Function! 

Never be afraid to ask for tips, period. Especially if you run a free account! By operating a free OnlyFans account, you’re giving your fans an incredible deal. They’ll want to show their appreciation and help you out with a tip.

The tipping icon is available with each post, each message, each stream, each story, and even right on your profile! In fact, many creators with free OnlyFans accounts choose to put a tip menu on their pinned post, offering custom content or engagement in exchange for a specific tip amount.

Free Subscribers Are More Forgiving If You Take A Break

Paid OnlyFans accounts perform best when creators post quality content at a predictable schedule. After all, would you want to continue to pay for a streaming service if it suddenly stopped producing content for a month or two?

If you’re a creator who plans to post sporadically, or take long breaks from content, a free account might work best for you.

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