• September 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans

September 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans

Well, can you believe it’s September already? Before you know it, the festive season will be here! There are many things going on in the world right now, such as awards season, sporting events, music festivals and fashion shows. However, one thing’s for certain: the influencer industry continues to rise, time and time again. In addition to this, OnlyFans creators continue to shine and build a loyal following on the platform by showcasing their talents. Here are the September 2021 Rising Stars on OnlyFans.

Si Coburn OnlyFans

Si Coburn

Si Coburn is an urban skater, inline instructor and brand ambassador from the southwest of England. As a professional rollerblader who pushes his skills to the limit, he’s been able to turn his hobby into a career spanning over 25 years! Now, he’s on OnlyFans to show more of his talent to his loyal fans and budding skaters.

Speaking about using OnlyFans as a skater, Si Coburn said:

“It’s great to be able to provide exclusive content purely for my OnlyFans page, the community is very welcoming and friendly. I’ve been teaching people to inline skate in my hometown of Gloucester for 6 years. OnlyFans has opened a gate to a completely new way to engage with people to provide tips and hints. It’s an easy platform to use and even more easy to reach out and chat with fans.”

Hailey Ray Fashion Influencer OnlyFans

Hailey Ray

Hailey Ray is a fashionista from Canada with the coolest outfits and perfect style. As a rising star on social media, her fashion content has been gaining traction on social. On her OnlyFans page, she shares behind-the-scenes content of recent photoshoots and her favourite fashion styles and brands.

Speaking about using the platform to showcase her passion for fashion, Hailey Ray said:

“OnlyFans has been a great way for me to connect with people all around the world. I’ve gotten such positive feedback from my posts [and] I have been able to be a shoulder to lean on with people I’ve never even met. I’m very thankful to be part of the OnlyFans family.”

Beeny VD on OnlyFans


BeenyVD is a photographer and videographer from France. With over 10 years of experience, he’s got plenty of skills and knowledge. He’s taken his photography with him on his travels, and he’s become increasingly popular, thanks to his stunning portraits and viral content. Now, BeenyVD is ready to share exclusive insights into photography for those who want to follow in his footsteps – including camera setting advice and the editing process. So, for the best photography tips, check out his OnlyFans page.

Speaking about using OnlyFans as a photographer, BeenyVD said:

“All I want to transmit is a good vibe because everyone has the right to be happy. The easiest method that I have found is taking a photo. It is the mode of expression that I master the most, so it is the one that I use to convey my message.”

“Tout ce que je veux transmettre c’est de la bonne humeur parce que tout le monde a le droit d’être heureux. La méthode la plus simple que j’ai trouvé pour le faire, c’est la photo. C’est le mode d’expression que je maitrise le plus donc celui que j’utilise pour véhiculer mon message.”

Pilates by Sophia OnlyFans

Pilates by Sophia

Do you like Pilates? Perhaps you’re interested in this type of physical activity, but don’t know where to start. Well, Pilates by Sophia is an account that will be sure to help you out! Sophia is a fitness enthusiast, triathlete and traveller. She also creates beautiful artwork. So, if you have a passion for health and wellness and want to strengthen your body, her page has plenty of content to help inspire you.

Speaking about using OnlyFans as a Pilates instructor, Sophia said:

“OnlyFans has given me the opportunity to turn my lifestyle into an occupation that I love.”

Johannes Bender Fitness OnlyFans

Johannes Bender

Johannes Bender is a bodybuilder and online fitness coach. He’s on OnlyFans to connect closely with his supportive fanbase, as well as sharing his exclusive workouts and behind-the-scenes lifestyle content. So, if you want to get into fitness and need a bit of motivation to get yourself moving, then check out his page.

Speaking about using OnlyFans as a fitness content creator, Johannes Bender said:

“I have been allowed to have a relationship with my followers [on OnlyFans] that I could not have had anywhere else. I like this exchange between proximity and intimacy.”

Ally From The South OnlyFans

Ally From The South

If you’re in love with southern American cuisine, then check out Ally From The South! She grew up in the south of the USA and that inspired her love for cooking the tastiest food and sharing her favourite recipes with her fans. So, if you’re looking to indulge in some delicious dishes that will get your tastebuds going – such as sweet cornbread, peanut butter pie and baked mac ‘n’ cheese – then check out her OnlyFans page and videos on OFTV.

Speaking about using OnlyFans to showcase southern cuisine, Ally From The South said:

“OnlyFans has been such an amazing way for me to connect with people on another level. I love getting to share my love of cooking and food with others who are just as passionate!”

LizieLollipop OnlyFans


Lizie is a gamer, model, cosplayer and traveller. With a wide variety of exclusive live streams and sultry content available on her OnlyFans page, there’s plenty of entertainment for all loyal (and new) subscribers.

Speaking about using OnlyFans as a streamer, Lizie said:

“OnlyFans has been an amazing platform for me to build a supportive community of gamers, fans and friends from all over the world. I love creating content for [the] OnlyFans community and I’m so excited for what the future holds with OnlyFans.”

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