• Sarah Jayne Dunn Speaks About OnlyFans

Sarah Jayne Dunn Speaks About OnlyFans

Actress and OnlyFans creator Sarah Jayne Dunn recently signed up to our platform to take back power and control over her own content. Speaking on BBC’s Woman’s Hour, she discussed in detail her choice to sign up to our platform, her experience so far, and why joining OnlyFans is the best thing she’s done for her career and fanbase.

Sarah Jayne Dunn

Taking control: Sarah Jayne Dunn’s choice to join OnlyFans

Sarah Jayne Dunn decided to join OnlyFans so that she could find freedom as a content creator. She wanted to move some of her content from her other social media accounts to OnlyFans, which provides extra exclusivity, and to “take control of my content” and image rights. In addition to this, she acknowledges that OnlyFans is an inclusive platform for all creators from a wide variety of genres.

When questioned by BBC’s Emma Barnett, Sarah responded by debunking the myths and chatted about her motivations to join the platform.

Emma: With regards to OnlyFans, what are you sharing now? Can you describe what you’re trying to put out?

Sarah: “Yeah, I can describe it, it’s exactly the same type of content I was previously putting onto my Instagram account and my Twitter, a public forum, and all I’ve simply done is move the more provocative lingerie and bikini shoots that I’ve done all my life onto a subscription site. I get tonnes of support from women when I do put images up because people are motivated, people are inspired, I train hard, I’m really into my fitness, I’m into healthy eating, I’m into women supporting women…”

Emma: But that’s not what OnlyFans is going to be about, is it? Because that’s for people to look at you in a different way.

Sarah: “Actually, this is the misconception of OnlyFans! It’s actually a content creator’s platform, you can use it for whatever you like. There are musicians on there, yoga teachers, people doing recipes on there. It just gets the association with explicit content because that is available too, but actually, that is not what I’m doing.”

Emma: There have been some discussions around [safety]. Do you have concerns about being on the platform, in that regard?

Sarah: “Well, I found the platform really really difficult to set up my own account. As a 40-year-old woman, it was really difficult for me to get on OnlyFans. You’ve got to provide ID and there is facial recognition and even then I got rejected the first couple of times.”

“OnlyFans is for the fans, it’s for interaction and it is a safer space for me. On [other social media sites] I get sent direct messages and there are unsolicited pictures on there, and you can block and report those accounts but those [social media sites] don’t do anything about it. Whereas, if I report someone on OnlyFans and block them, they get [removed from following her account] immediately, so it feels like a safe place for me.”

Emma: Do you feel morally judged?

Sarah: “Yeah, I do feel morally judged, but I’m actually not doing anything different to what I’ve been doing for as long as [other social media platforms] have been a thing. I’ve just moved my content onto what I see as a safer platform because actually, the younger audience can’t follow me on there.”

Emma: Is it worth it to you?

Sarah: “The fact is I’ve stood my ground with this. This is something I have chosen to do for me, and I am taking back control of me and my image, and I feel like I’m standing my ground for other women and other 40-year-old-mums.”

We’re delighted to welcome Sarah Jayne Dunn to OnlyFans and it’s so great to hear her understanding of our platform and what we are offering to our creators.

OnlyFans is an inclusive social media platform and we welcome creators from all genres. We support the creator economy and allow creators to develop authentic relationships with their fans while empowering them to maximize control and monetize their content. For individuals like Sarah Jayne Dunn, this gives them unparalleled creative control over their content.

Would you like to find out more about staying safe on OnlyFans? For more information, feel free to contact our Support team, who are here to help you.

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