Sarah Jayne Dunn Is in Control


July 13, 2023

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Actor, model, and creator Sarah Jayne Dunn’s sudden departure from British soap opera Hollyoakes shocked the entertainment industry. After 26 years of playing Mandy Richardson, one of the show’s longest-running female characters, Sarah set her sights on OnlyFans in 2021 and launched a new career as a creator. And while some might see leaving a starring role on television as a setback, Sarah embraced the opportunity to take back control of her image and personal brand. We spoke with Sarah about her career transition, how she is making the most out of OnlyFans, and her advice for screen actors and OnlyFans creators looking to follow in her footsteps.

Tell us about your decision to transition from TV acting to being a full-time OnlyFans creator.

My initial decision to join OnlyFans was to take back control of my images and have another source of creative freedom and income that I could work around my acting job.

Very publicly and controversially, I lost that acting job because of my decision to launch my OnlyFans profile. However, I stood by my decision, and still do because I knew that taking back control and being empowered on the platform was the right choice for me.

I knew there had to be a way for me to continue doing what I loved: photoshoots, working with creatives, whilst running my own schedule and working around my acting work.

Now, I’m in complete control of my schedule. Working in television, I always had to ask permission to take time off for anything: doctor visits, holidays, anything. But the freedom I’ve found as an OnlyFans creator has been truly liberating.

OnlyFans is the best decision I have ever made.

What’s one misconception about OnlyFans that you’d like to clear up?

That it’s a platform just for adult content. I think that’s the first assumption everyone jumps to.

To be honest, I was also guilty of thinking this before I actually started to explore the platform and consider all the options it gave me to share my content.

People are surprised to hear about all the different types of content OnlyFans creators are making– music lessons, workouts, cooking, surfing… the list goes on!

OnlyFans is a content creator’s dream.

Did you find the OnlyFans community welcoming when you joined?

Yes! I was overwhelmed by the support and encouragement that I received when I first joined.

So many creators and fans went above and beyond to help me out whilst I was finding my way on the platform, and I still go to them for advice when I need it now!

How would you describe your fans on OnlyFans?

Loyal, supportive, empowering, respectful, encouraging.

The community that I have built on OnlyFans is the thing that has surprised me the most. I have been genuinely blown away by how respectful and supportive my OnlyFans subscribers are.

When people are paying to subscribe, that means they want to be there. And on the very rare occasion that I receive a message or comment I’m not comfortable with, the power is in my hands to remove the follower.

It’s a complete contrast to all the other social platforms.

Which OnlyFans features do you use the most?

I love the polls and so do my followers. They’re fun and help me get a sense of what content my fans want to see.

I also love that I can schedule my content. That way, I can be sure that my followers have the content they’re subscribing to, even if I have other commitments like work or holidays.

Tell us about your podcast, Hot and Bothered.

I planned to launch a totally different podcast altogether just before I joined OnlyFans. And when things went a little crazy for a while, Hot and Bothered was born.

I wanted a space to explore anything and everything “taboo”.

Now I’m able to shine some light on the kinds of things a lot of people are into, but may not be ready to admit to publicly, without any judgement or shame.

In season two, I have been chatting with a different guest every week and exploring everything from being a working parent, to botox, to self-pleasure and more!

What advice can you give someone starting out in either the traditional TV industry, or on OnlyFans?

For people wanting to enter the entertainment industry, I’d say really think about and make sure it is something you want to pursue.

Trust me, it’s a tough, cutthroat industry and you have to be comfortable with rejection. And definitely have a backup plan in place for your career and income.

To people who are interested in starting out on OnlyFans, I’d say do it, and do it now without hesitation.

If you’re looking to take charge of your passion, schedule, and income, then OnlyFans is the platform for you.  

Hot and Bothered is available wherever you listen to podcasts. Subscribe to Sarah’s OnlyFans and follow her on Instagram.


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