Pole dancers thrive on OnlyFans, despite censorship elsewhere

The rest of the world is catching up to what the pole community have always known: pole dancing an art form that takes an extraordinary amount of strength, sass, dedication and talent.

Pole dancers are still wowing on club stages around the world but in the past decade, pole has spread to fitness studios, music videos and art houses. Artists like Beyonce, Cardi B and Rihanna have all shown different sides of pole dancing in their music videos, bringing it well and truly into the mainstream. Both men and women are embracing pole fitness for the incredible work-out it is – fitness benefits include improved coordination, flexibility, and getting so strong you will never struggle with push-ups again. There has even been a call to add pole dancing to the Olympics.

Given that pole dancing has become a hit with a wide range of demographics, it’s strange that the pole community have reported that they are having increasing trouble with censorship on social media. This week, a petition requesting Instagram to stop banning pole dancing-related hashtags has been gaining traction amongst pole dancers and their fans.

OnlyFans is proud to have a range of pole creators on our platform–from pole fitness instructors to exotic dancers, to wellness coaches. Here are some pole creators who are thriving on OnlyFans.

Holly Gibbons

Model and page 3 girl Holly Gibbons might be best known for her beautiful glamour shots but she’s a woman of many talents. For her, pole fitness is both a profession and a way to maintain that stunning figure.

“I have done pole for 14years,” says Holly. “I own a pole/aerial studio so it’s my main job. It’s good for overall fitness, it’s a sociable activity and you can take it at your own pace. I focus mainly on the fitness element.”

Pole fitness Holly Gibbons

Valerie Sebestyen

Valerie Sebestyen is a yoga instructor, photographer and musician based in Oklahoma, USA. She uses OnlyFans to showcase her life and work and to empower others. Amazingly, Valerie has only been doing pole since March 2019 but has already got some impressive skills down. These were her first impressions of pole dancing, “Not only do I love that pole incorporates everything from my yoga practice, but it’s also a full-body experience, a supercharged core workshop, it’s incredibly liberating and downright juicy.”

Valerie Sebestyen

Laguna Dreams

When you think ‘pole dancing’ one of the things that comes to mind is 7, 8, even 9 inch heels. Of course, you don’t have to wear killer heels to pole dance, but OnlyFans creator Laguna Dreams certainly enjoys doing so! She has 50 to 70 ‘stripper heels’ (her words not ours) in her closet at any one time, though she gets through them quite quickly. “Pole is very hard on heels,” she says.

Pole dancer Laguna Dreams

Pole Dancers on OnlyFans

Whether you’re a fitness instructor, a glamour model, a performer on the Vegas strip or just love taking pictures of yourself on the pole, if you are into pole dancing, you could be growing your following and making money from your talent. Consider starting an OnlyFans account.

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