• Pet Day on OnlyFans

Pet Day on OnlyFans

Prepare for cuteness overload as it’s time to meet the pets of our awesome OnlyFans creators! The 11th of April marks National Pet Day in the USA, which is a time to share your love for our furry friends and the joy they bring into people’s lives. If you’re a pet owner, you probably celebrate your animal companion every day, but whether you’re a cat lover, dog lover, or look after animals of any kind, today is the day to spoil them even more. 

More than a third of people in a recent survey described their pet as a best friend, and just like our creators are part of the OnlyFans family, their animal friends are part of theirs. In the interest of all things adorable, we wanted to hear from a handful of them about the animals who have stolen their hearts. Let’s hear from creators celebrating Pet Day on OnlyFans.

Pet Day on OnlyFans - Dine with Viii

Dine with Viii

If you’re a massive foodie, meet Vanessa, also known as Dine with Viii. Her fans are following her health journey as she cooks up lots of delicious content. Her page provides an opportunity to get to know her, and now she’d like to introduce you to her adorable cat Fifi too. Here’s what she has planned for Pet Day this year: 

“I plan on giving Fifi some extra of her favourite treats and spraying some catnip spray in a cardboard box for her. If you have cats, you’ll understand the catnip and cardboard boxes thing! 

Having Fifi is such a joy and my life would literally not be the same without her. She knows when I’m ill or sad and gives me cuddles with big comforting purrs. I love her very very very much.”

  • Pet day on OnlyFans - Alonzo
  • Pet day on OnlyFans - Alonzo
  • Pet day on OnlyFans - Alonzo

Alonzo Lerone

Comedian and entertainer Alonzo Lerone is always making his fans laugh. Known online for his priceless reaction videos and challenges, Alonzo is now sharing his most exclusive content on OnlyFans. His fans get to know a more personal side to him, and can even catch deleted scenes. Appearing in many of his hilarious videos is his cute sidekick Kash. As we celebrate Pet Day on OnlyFans, Alonzo told us:

“His name is Kash because he costs me a lot of money! There is no need for me to wait for a day to celebrate this spoiled monster, he gets spoiled every day.


Alyssa, also known as BodyPosiStylist, is starting great conversations around all things hair, body and positivity on OnlyFans. As a licensed cosmetologist and body positivity advocate, she is all about loving and celebrating yourself. As well as these passions, Alyssa loves her “cuddle bud” Mabel. Here’s what she told us about her for Pet Day:

“Mabel has been my shadow for the past 9 years. She is my best friend, cuddle bud, and has been with me through some of the best and worst times in my life. I tell her all the time I don’t know what I’d do without her. Everyone thinks their dog is the best (let’s be real because they all ARE the best) and I will be no different – Mabel is the best!

She makes me smile no matter what else is going on in my life, and curls up next to me when I’m sad. She gives me energy and life, even though we like to relax and cuddle together most of the time. She keeps me grounded and gives me something to focus on. She shares the joy of the people around her and amplifies it. She’s my absolute favorite and I love her endlessly! I got her paw print tattooed on my arm so even when she isn’t physically here anymore her spirit and her paw print will be with me forever. Happy Pet Day! Give your pet a pat and a kiss for me! 💕”

Nicole Hoopz

TV personality Nicole “Hoopz” Alexander is best known for winning VH1’s reality shows ‘Flavor of Love’ and ‘I Love Money’. As well as a successful TV career, professional boxing, basketball and modelling, she is now on OnlyFans. She’s giving her fans a peek into her world, where she is expressing herself and letting them in on all things Hoopz. Sharing the love for her cute furry friend for Pet Day, she said: 

“Even though they can’t speak, my baby girl always seems to find a way to make me laugh a little louder, smile a little brighter and live a little better!”

Mara Marini

You might recognise actress Mara Marini from shows such as NBC’s ‘Parks & Recreation’, Netflix’s ‘Schitt’s Creek’ and ABC’s ‘black-ish. In addition to this, you can now find her on OnlyFans sharing updates on all of her adventures. Her tiny companion Coconut the Chihuahua is also a big part of her escapades and can be found in lots of cute outfits! This Pet Day on OnlyFans, Mara let us know a little more about her:  

“Coconut is two pounds of love. She is a little cuddle muffin who insists on sitting in my bra and has an affinity for cheese strings, jicama and sunbathing. ☀️”

The Rusty Ranger

Claire Cesarz, also known as The Rusty Ranger is a writer, model, mental health advocate and professional dog wrangler. On OnlyFans, her fans can chat with her, get modelling tips and best of all, see the cutest updates of her furry friends. Animals are a big part of Claire’s life so as we celebrate pet day on OnlyFans, here’s what she has to say: 

“My animals are my world. I’ve always been surrounded by them, and intend to keep it that way. I’ve had so many pets: rats, guinea pigs, mice, hamsters, birds, salt and freshwater fish, frogs, lizards, cats and, of course, dogs. I’ve run my own rat rescue (they’re like tiny dogs) and have been a foster parent for the Wisconsin Humane Society. After working professionally with dogs for more than a decade, I proudly admit I’m a complete animal freak and walking dog dictionary. Right now I cohabitate with my two dachshunds, Rue & Ravi, a Betta fish called Gyrados, one Pac-Man frog dubbed Jabba the Frög and a Uromastyx (a super cool kind of lizard) named Gideon.

Animals provide me with a sense of purpose. They ground and relax me, and offer companionship and unlimited love. Oftentimes I feel like I can understand them better than I can humans. And my dogs have, literally, saved my life more than once (thank you, Rusty and Ranger). My dogs mean everything to me. So much so that Rue, Ravi, and I have teamed up with Save Da Hoomans, an organization that helps connect others with access to vital mental health research and other scientific studies. I wouldn’t be here without my pets, so I do everything that I can to give them the best life possible.”

  • Pet Day on OnlyFans - Breann Mcgregor 4
  • Pet Day on OnlyFans - Breann Mcgregor 4
  • Pet Day on OnlyFans - Breann Mcgregor 4
  • Pet Day on OnlyFans - Breann Mcgregor 4

Breann Mcgregor

The multi-talented Breann Mcgregor is a model, actress, musician, and podcaster. As well as her many talents, she’s letting her fans behind the scenes of her life on OnlyFans where they can get to know her on a more personal level. As a dog lover, Breann told us about her two canine companions this Pet Day:

“I am a proud momma, to ‘two’ of the cutest, furred, looking Ewoks that ever walked off the moon of Endor.” 

“Don’t let Rambo’s name deceive you, he is a lover, not a fighter; and Lolita, she is a little firecracker, sweet and has a whole lot of personality beneath her short stature.” 

Sonalii Castillo

Sonallii Castillo, also known as Spicy Moore, is an actor, model, artist and so much more. She’s connecting with her biggest supporters on OnlyFans and letting them see her most exclusive content. By her side, as she continues to express her creativity, is her playful four-legged friend Sia. And here’s her story:

“Sia will forever be, to me, a warrior who fought off coyotes because she wanted to live. She knew she had a purpose in this life. Little did she know, it was to save me.”

Yoga With Taz and Caspur

Yoga with Taz

Yoga with Taz is a yoga instructor who is all about health, wellness and mindfulness. As well as sharing her inspirational content on her OnlyFans page, she’s also a podcaster. She hosts the Wellness Wednesdays podcast, where you can discover top health, wellness and manifestation tips that have helped Taz along her journey, as well as some helpful hints from her friends.

For Pet Day on OnlyFans, Taz shares her thoughts on her feline friend Casper, who brings plenty of joy and cuteness into her life:

“Caspur is a three-year-old British Shorthair that was born in Ukraine. He’s very curious and enjoys hunting. Caspur is very family-oriented and likes to spend quality time with his family and has his own seat at the dinner table. Tuna is his favorite thing in the world.”

Do you have any pets of your own? Let us know in the comments!

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