• The Explosion of OnlyFans in Combat Sports

The Business of MMA: The Explosion of OnlyFans in Combat Sports

Last week mixed martial artist and OnlyFans creator Bec Rawlings gave an interview with MMA Fighting, a media website that covers news and views in the MMA community. The article by reporter Damon Martin explored the business of MMA, and how there has been an “explosion of OnlyFans in combat sports” ever since the Coronavirus pandemic limited in-person fights.

Bec Rawlings finds financial security and community on OnlyFans

Bec Rawlings is an Australian MMA fighter known for her aggressive fighting style, distinctive look, and quirky personality. She joined OnlyFans in January 2020 and told MMA Fighting how the platform has supported her financially and allowed her to develop her online presence during the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Look it’s been a game-changer for me,” Rawlings told MMA Fighting. “I’d be stressing and freaking out right now. I definitely wouldn’t be in the situation I’m in right now if I didn’t start my OnlyFans. I took the plunge and I’ve never really been one to care about what people think or say. I put myself out there and it’s definitely paid off.

“Normally, I’d be freaking out right now if I haven’t fought yet and made some money. So it’s given me an opportunity to make money elsewhere. So it’s definitely saved me during this. It’s been good. I’m enjoying it. I’ve always been good about putting stuff online and with social media so it’s allowed me to get on a more exclusive website where people can pay to see your content and actually make some money off it instead of putting stuff up on Instagram or Facebook and they reap all the benefits.”

The Business of MMA Bec Rawlings

Rawlings also discussed how she enjoys the autonomy that OnlyFans affords her. She has chosen not to have anyone else manage her page, instead maintaining complete creative control of her content, with the option to change strategy, post more, or stop any time she wants.

“I like having control of everything. I’ve had people say they were thinking of starting one and they ask if someone else will be controlling it for them. Nope, I control everything that I do.

I like going on there. I like having a choice of what I put out there. I like talking to people. If I want to stop doing it, I can do it. I’m not locked into any contract. I like having freedom and control over my own brand.”

Rawlings appreciates the security OnlyFans affords her in an uncertain time and is supportive of other fighters thinking of joining the platform.

“We can’t tell the future and with the pandemic, we don’t know when we’re going to fight and so this is a way to set yourself up and have another source of income. I think it’s definitely something everyone needs to embrace. It’s good for the sport, it’s good for the fighters and it’s good for the fans to have a different kind of contact and support for the fighters.”

The amount of money Rawlings has made from OnlyFans has really kept her family afloat during the pandemic and, for her, it has been well worth the criticism she has unfortunately faced from people who misunderstand the nature of the platform.

“I’ve made some decent money. It’s definitely been worth it, especially with the criticism that’s come with it like ‘oh this is what MMA has come to’ like we’re stooping to some level and it’s not that at all. It’s your choice what kind of content you put on your profile. I think people just naturally assume the worst.

Of course when they see other stuff on that kind of site, they assume that’s what we’re posting on there. It’s definitely been worth it. I’ve made some great money on there.”

Not only has Rawlings benefitted from OnlyFans financially, but she has also found the OnlyFans community to be supportive — more so, in fact, than her followers on free social media sites. She puts this down to only her true supporters wanting to subscribe to her OnlyFans page.

“I definitely have more freedom on there to post what I want and not dealing with the nastiness and hatred,” Rawlings said. “That’s what I find on Twitter and Instagram. People go out of their way to comment hateful stuff. They’re not a fan. They’ve just come across my picture and decide to be an assh*le. With OnlyFans, people are paying to see your content. So if they’re paying, they’re a fan and they want to see your content. It’s a lot nicer experience. They’re not paying a $20 subscription fee to talk sh*t to me.

I haven’t had a negative experience yet. If it got to the point where I wasn’t enjoying it or wasn’t enjoying interacting with people, I would leave. I enjoy it. I enjoy interacting with people on there. I enjoy the money. I don’t see the harm in doing it.”

Fighters and MMA managers find success on OnlyFans

Bec Rawlings is far from the only member of the MMA community to find success on OnlyFans. Many fighters and managers have been sharing their positive experiences on the platform. One prominent MMA manager told MMA Fighting anonymously that one of their athletes was able to take home between $15,000 to $25,000 a month from their OnlyFans page.

The Business of MMA Cindy Dandois

Belgian MMA fighter and teacher Cindy Dandois announced via Twitter in June 2020 that she would be joining OnlyFans to raise money to re-open her gym after facing financial difficulty due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

“I lost my gym during this Covid-lockdown, no help from our government and fights cancelled… leaving me with big financial problems. I decided to make an OnlyFans so I can collect the money to re-open the gym and give the youngsters their home back.”

Only a few months in and Cindy’s OnlyFans page is not only thriving, but it also seems like she will be able to reopen her gym soon as well! Last week she took to Twitter to share her appreciation of the platform:

“OnlyFans literally saved my life and gave me some space to breathe. I have no regrets… being able to buy a new schoolbag for the kids in September and no worries about food is a relief… and the gym will reopen soon too!”

With more and more first-class mixed martial artists like Bec Rawlings, Cindy Dandois, as well as Invicta FC Atomweight Champion Jessica Penne joining the platform, it seems like OnlyFans is fast becoming an aspect of the business of MMA that is difficult to ignore.

Are you an athlete? To see for yourself what Bec Rawlings and her fighting colleagues are raving about, try signing up to OnlyFans as a creator. The Tips and Tricks section of our blog has a lot of handy hints to get you started.

Thank you to Damon Martin and MMA Fighting for some great reporting on OnlyFans. Click here to read the article, “The Business of MMA: The explosion of OnlyFans in combat sports.”
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