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OnlyFans Gamers Thriving in 2020

Four awesome OnlyFans Gamers share what they think of the platform and how they are using OnlyFans in 2020.

The gaming industry continues to grow. In 2020, over 4 in 10 internet users are gamers. The commercialisation of gaming content has followed suit, with esports and live-streaming becoming increasingly popular for gaming fans. Twitch, the Amazon-owned streaming giant is as popular as ever, boasting 3.8 million monthly broadcasters. Streamers on such platforms are often encouraged to engage and interact with their following in order to see success, however, this can be challenging with a larger audience.

Many gamers with large followings find it difficult to interact with their most loyal fans on free, easy-to-access platforms, due to the large presence of trolls or spam messages getting in the way. These gamers can find themselves searching for a platform where they can cut out the background noise, interact with their superfans, and earn some money on the way. 

With a multitude of content and monetisation options, more and more gamers are joining OnlyFans for a place to interact more closely with their loyal viewers rather than in the depths of a twitch chat. 

Four Awesome OnlyFans Gamers

Today, let’s hear from four OnlyFans Gamers on how and why they use our platform in conjunction with their streaming lifestyle.

OnlyFans Gamers Jasmin Foxe

Jasmine Foxe

Jasmin Foxe discovered her love for gaming and anime when she was young, introduced by her parents to shows such as Sailor Moon and the ever-popular Pokemon on Australian TV. Her love for gaming similarly derives from her fond memories playing Super Mario Bros on her father’s NES, which she still owns to this very day!

Jasmin turned this love for both video games and anime into a hobby, cosplaying as the characters she adored. This developed naturally into full-time streaming on Twitch. Over time through her clear passion and enthusiasm, Jasmin has built what she describes as a beautiful community of fans who she affectionately refers to as her “Wolf Gang”. It only makes sense that with such a strong connection to her community, Jasmin uses OnlyFans to further this relationship.

My Only Fans is a more intimate way to connect with me. I find it’s a platform where I can unapologetically express myself without boundaries. I also upload cosplay content.

OnlyFans Gamers Chelxie


Chelxie is a highly successful French gamer, streamer and Youtuber who has a strong community of over 218,000 followers on Twitch and 660,000 on Youtube. Chelxie streams a host of games as well as posting a range of funny, exciting content on her Youtube. Known for her fun-loving and outgoing personality, it can be hard for Chelxie to connect with all her followers with such large numbers spread across multiple channels. This is where OnlyFans comes in, Chelxie told us how she uses OnlyFans to be closer to her widespread community and interact on a more personal level.

I use OnlyFans to be closer to my community and to talk about more private topics about my life than on stream. I love to be close to my followers and share my passion for gaming, photography or just to become friends with them. I’m always on OnlyFans answering to private messages, talking to my fans and sharing photos.

OnlyFans Gamers Khaljiit


Julia, who streams under the alias “Khaljiit” is a variety streamer from California. She’s recently been playing games such as Call of Duty, Overwatch, Valorant, as well as simply hanging out with her fans on stream. Her alias “Khaljiit” derives from Khajiit, the catlike race from The Elder Scrolls and Khal Drogo, the horse-riding Dothraki chieftain from Game of Thrones, both of which she thoroughly enjoys. The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion remains one of her favourite games. Julia has built a following of close to 70,000 on Twitch, as well as being a member and creator of the popular ‘Twitch Kittens’ streaming community team.

Khaljiit told us how as an OnlyFans gamer, she uses the platform to interact with her followers more closely:

I use OnlyFans to get to know my community on a personal level and answer their questions in a one on one setting. I love that I can play games with my subscribers on a live stream while talking about exclusive updates and strategies. Gaming brings people together while bridging the gap between hobby and career for content creators, OnlyFans makes it possible to thrive in this world.

OnlyFans Gamers ShannaNina


Shanna Zwart, who streams under the username ShannaNina is a full-time streamer who enjoys playing League of Legends, CS:GO, Civilisation and a whole host of indie games. Shanna’s story behind her streaming career is one of love and inspiration, described in a TED Talk she gave in 2016. Her late father who sadly passed away was the source of much of this love and passion for games. She describes her first interaction with video games as coming home from horse riding to play video games for hours on end with her father, taking turns at who could control the mouse.

As her only source of income, Shanna began to feel burnt out after years of streaming, having to pay constant attention to statistics and performance in order to pay her bills. This took the fun out of connecting with her community and so she took some much deserved time off to reinvigorate her passion. Shanna wanted a way to better connect with her community, whilst not feeling pressured and being able to support her streaming income so that she could go back to enjoying the streaming process, and most importantly playing the games she loves. It was through this that she discovered OnlyFans through one of her friends, it offered exactly what she needed, the opportunity for greater financial independence from her streaming, as well as a unique way to interact with her fans.

I found OnlyFans through a friend of mine, I decided to make an account to help me with financial responsibilities while interacting with my community in a different way. I am so happy to connect with people that have been supporting me one way or another for six and a half years. It takes a lot of pressure off my streaming income too, so I’m having more fun again on Twitch as well. Overall it’s been wonderful for my mental health and self image, I have a lot of fun creating content on OnlyFans and I don’t regret a thing!

Why should gamers use OnlyFans?

These OnlyFans gamers are all finding unique ways to engage with their fanbase in a way they perhaps can’t on streams, strengthening their relationship with their fans but also adding a sense of variety to their content and making extra income in the process. If you’re a gamer or streamer yourself, why not consider signing up to interact with your fanbase and earn some supplementary income!

Watch out for new OnlyFans features

We’re always looking to bring new features to the platform to support our creators and bring new ways for them to create content and engage with followers, such as our Go Live feature or pay-per-view messaging. So watch this space for even more ways OnlyFans gamers can thrive, making money and interacting with their fans.

If you want to know more about how to get started on OnlyFans or how much you could expect to earn check out our other blogs.

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