• OnlyFans Features You Might Not Know

OnlyFans Features You Might Not Know

At OnlyFans we’re always looking for ways to improve our service and introduce features that are useful and fun to both creators and fans. Here are some OnlyFans features you might not know, and why creators should be taking advantage of them.


Research has shown that one psychological reason people tip is out of a feeling of fairness. In other words, people tip because they feel they have received a service that they believe deserves parting with extra cash. On OnlyFans, creators can be tipped on streams, on posts and in DMs. Tipping gives creators an additional source of income and fans the opportunity to show that they care.

PPV Messaging

On OnlyFans you can not only send Pay Per View messages to individuals, you can send them to all your fans at the same time. Attach your media and name your price. Watch our video to learn how to set it up.

Scheduling Posts

We have many full-time creators on OnlyFans but plenty of creators fit in OnlyFans around other jobs and busy lives. OnlyFans is also a global service, so creators can expect to have fans across the world, operating in different time zones. For these reasons, scheduling posts is an invaluable feature.

With our scheduling feature, you can create a queue of content to go out whenever you decide. Your account doesn’t need to sleep, even though you do!

Go Live

Go Live is essentially the mid-point between streaming and pre-made video. The feature allows you to stream to your subscribers and upload the content as a normal video once your stream has finished. If some of your fans want to watch your stream but they’re unavailable when you’re online, they can always catch up later.

Add the OnlyFans Icon to Your Homepage

In 2019, it’s important that you can create and post content from your phone. The OnlyFans website is mobile optimised. It accepts mobile files for video uploads and you can also use your phone for PPV messaging. For easy access to OnlyFans, you can add the OnlyFans icon to your homepage.

Twitter Intergration

At OnlyFans we don’t want to compete with other social media outlets, we think you should be using multiple outlets in tandem with each other. Integrating your OnlyFans with your Twitter can lead to more followers on both platforms.

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