• OnlyFans features to plan your content

OnlyFans Features to Plan Your Content

Although you can get organised at any time, the end of the year is traditionally a time to take stock and plan ahead. Whilst content creation is, by definition, a creative pursuit, behind the most successful OnlyFans accounts there are usually highly organised people executing well thought out content plans.

Planning your content doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your creativity. In fact, having a plan can free up mental space that allows you to be more creative. We’ve put together some ideas and OnlyFans features to plan your content and set your account up for success in 2021.

24hr Statistics OnlyFans

Plan intelligently using your analytics

Being able to track traffic to your OnlyFans profile is useful when planning your content. This feature lets you know where the majority of your audience comes from e.g. what country they come from and how they are finding your OnlyFans page. It’s important for planning because you can decide what kind of content you post, and how you deliver it, to reflect the reality of your audience demographics. For example, if you are based in the US but most of your audience are European, you could try scheduling some content to cater to European time zones. Conversely, if you aren’t American but discover that you have a lot of American fans, you could create some content that marks Thanksgiving in November, even though that’s not a holiday you celebrate yourself.

To find your page statistics, go into your profile page and click the three vertical dots on your cover photo. Select ‘Statistics’ and you will be able to see fan traffic from the last 24 hours.

Schedule post OnlyFans

Schedule your posts ahead of time

Once you’ve made your content plan, you don’t have to wait until posting day to act. On OnlyFans you can schedule posts days, weeks, or even months in advance. This is especially useful if you know you are going on holiday and don’t want to post during that time, or if you are about to enter a busy period in your work or childcare responsibilities.

Many creators sit down after a photoshoot and schedule the content they just shot to make it last over the next few weeks. Of course, if the inspiration strikes them they will post spontaneously as well, but they have the peace of mind knowing that their bases have already been covered.

To schedule a post, go to the composer (it can be found on the home page), write your post, attach any media you may want to add and click the calendar icon. A window will open with a calendar where you can pick a publishing date for your post.

You can also schedule direct messages using the same method: create your message and click the calendar icon to schedule when you would like it to go out.

Make the most of seasonal content

Seasonal content can be fun, engaging and very useful if you’re running short of content ideas. We all know when Christmas or Halloween is but some less well known days such as World Photography Day or International Woman’s Day also make for great content. These smaller holidays can sneak up on you and you could miss out on the chance to make some high quality, timely content.

It’s a good idea to sit down with an online calendar and look at the holidays that are coming up over the next year. Sprout’s holiday calendar is good but there are lots of alternative calendars you can find online. Of course, the holidays you want to mark will depend on the region you and your audience are based in. Once you’ve chosen holidays you want to create content for, you can start planning and even shoot the content and schedule it ahead of time so it’s out of the way.

Halloween content ideas costume poll

Ask your audience what they would like to see with polls

Polls are really useful when it comes to planning your content because you can ask your audience what they would like to see. To create a poll, go to your post composer and select the ‘Add Poll’ icon from the options available. Write your question, and then add some content options for your fans. You can choose to set your poll duration as one, three, seven, or 30 days, or leave it up indefinitely. Your subscribers will love getting a say in what kind of content you will be posting and you can plan accordingly.

OnlyFans Features to Plan Your Content

Creators – what OnlyFans features do you find useful when planning your content? Do you have any organisational tips that you would care to share? Let us know in the comment section below!

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